Campus Cribs: Life in the President’s House

President Maud Mandel enjoys living with her husband, daughter and two cats in the recently renovated President’s House. Aniah Price/Photo Editor

When President Maud Mandel and her family moved into the President’s House on July 1, Williamstown was going through a heat wave, with temperatures climbing into the mid-90s.

Instagram account brings new perspective to same view

Rebecca Van Pamel ’19 has posted a photo taken from the same spot near Paresky each day since October. Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

Standing on the steps outside Paresky, we all see the same view: a white church framed against the picturesque Berkshire mountains and Williamstown sky.

Social calendar provides poetic overview of campus

“I’m fine, it’s all okay but damn / That was a vicious, hurtful slam / Last week’s wasn’t my best / But it’s tough to digest / That you all suspected it was spam,” wrote Eli Miller ’21, social calendar author, the week after his trademark email was flagged as “SUSPECTED SPAM.” Humorous engagement with the campus through a limerick format is typical of his weekly social calendar emails. The most difficult part of the poem, Miller said, is to write is a conversational opening relatable to all students at the College.

Behind the Uniform: Francis “Frenchie” Fredette

Francis “Frenchie” Fredette, a cook at Driscoll, is well known for his exuberant sense of humor. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

Francis E. Fredette Jr. – better known as Frenchie – has worked in the food service industry for 48 years and continues to love every second of it.

Thompson bell ringers delight campus with daily song

Members of the guild of bell ringers climb to the top of Thompson each day to play a diverse set of tunes. Sabrine Brismeur/Photo Editor

Have you ever heard John Denver, the soundtrack to Les Misérables or the Game of Thrones theme song clang throughout campus – and wondered who in the world was creating such a lovely sound?

One in Two Thousand: Jad Hamdan ’19

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

I first met Jad when we were both members of the College’s honor committee, and now I have the honor of being his friend. We sat down to chat about his theses, the great state of Ohio and the best bad joke he knows.

Mandel recounts academic and personal journey to the College

At Purple Rain’s concert last Saturday, a sea of students, faculty and parents serenaded President of the College Maud Mandel for her “almost half-birthday.”
As the mini half-birthday celebration demonstrated, many students have embraced Mandel, whose genuineness, approachability and “cool mom vibes” have won over the hearts of College members. Part of what makes the community view Mandel in this way has been her actions throughout her first semester here in Williamstown.

Guidebook explores campus with levity

Which “architectural jamboree” is actually the only building on campus that bears true national significance? Which Amherst-educated architect invites comparisons to Groucho Marx for his lack of steady principles?

Ephs volunteer at Pownal Elementary

For all of the value that an elite liberal arts college can bring to a remote area, there is an inevitable tension created by the presence of a wealthy institution of higher education like the College in a region that is, on average, neither particularly wealthy nor highly educated. Such an institution can either be an asset to the local community or a focal point of resentment and symbol of division.