To Williams

Friday was the last day of class, the last day of college. I finished off with “PSCI 215: Race and Inequality in the American City” with Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and Political Science Mason B. Williams. He went above and beyond with online learning to make sure we were all getting adequate professor time; he split us up into small groups and spent significantly more time video calling with us than he would have had to for in-person classes.

Jack Romans ’20 to study the nuances of international children’s theatre

While life after college typically invites adulthood, independence and rapid growth, the post-grad plans of Jack Romans ’20 do quite the opposite. In fact, the project he will undertake through the Watson Fellowship — a prestigious one-year grant for independent international research — is titled “Never Growing Up.”

Seniors complete theses amid pandemic

A senior thesis represents the culmination of many students’ academic journeys at the College. But this year, like most other aspects of College life, the senior thesis process has been heavily affected by COVID-19. 

For Anne-Sophie van Wingerden ’20, whose comparative literature thesis focused on a 19th century book about a Dutch civil servant in Indonesia, the biggest loss was not being able to have the same kind of informal conversation with her thesis advisor online as she could have in-person.