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One in Two Thousand: Jad Hamdan 19

One in Two Thousand: Jad Hamdan ’19

Nicholas Goldrosen January 23, 2019

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor I first met Jad when we were both members of the College's honor committee, and now I have the honor of being his friend. We sat down to chat about his theses, the great state...

Katie Brule/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Hannah Goldstein ’20

Rachel Scharf December 5, 2018

I got to know Hannah Goldstein ’20 through our work together in Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue. I was immediately struck by her sense of adventure, willingness to take risks and care for...

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Delsa Lopez ’21

Lydia Duan November 14, 2018

I first met Delsa through Exploring the Arts during First Days. Everything about her – from her bold lipstick to her buoyant energy – had me thinking, “This is someone I want to get to know.”...

One in Two Thousand: Rosie Sokoll 22

One in Two Thousand: Rosie Sokoll ’22

Brooke Horowitch November 7, 2018

Rosie is one of the wonderful frosh of Willy AB. She is always energetic and likes giving us Junior Advisors [JAs] piggyback rides, so I sat down with her to chat about that, Ancient Greek and Vines. We’ll...

Katie Brule/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Minh Tran ’19

Tesnim Zekeria October 31, 2018

I first met Minh during Windows on Williams my senior year of high school. At the time, he taught me what “lit” meant, a term that was still in its nascent stages in 2015. Little did I know that...

Katie Brule/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Marshall Borrus ’20

Haeon Yoon October 24, 2018

I first met Marshall in Fitch House’s basement when he was brewing a cranberry concoction. I later found out that he was my suitemate’s lab partner. I learned more about him and his various obsessions...

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Sarah Sutton ’21

Jane Petersen October 17, 2018

I first met Sarah at a crowded party at 71 Hoxsey, where we bonded after escaping through an open window. I caught up with her to discuss her success as a photographer, her Eloise at the Plaza childhood...


One in Two Thousand: Aidan Dunkelberg ’22

Samuel Wolf October 3, 2018

When I first met Aidan during his audition for Frosh Revue, I was instantly struck by his zaniness and his relentlessly positive energy. Last week, I caught up with him about his life in Mississippi,...

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Neena Patel ’19

Shaheen Currimjee September 26, 2018

I met Neena during my first year when we realized that her mom and my uncle were good friends when they attended the College. Since then, we have bonded over masala chai, my inability to hike, her inability...


One in Two Thousand: Robbie Rock ’20

September 19, 2018

I first met Robbie through our mutual friend, Natalie Newton ’20, and I was thrilled to have met another tea aficionado. Upon parting ways from that first encounter, Robbie told me, “I’ll sacrifice...

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