CC allocates funds for MinCo

On Nov. 13, College Council (CC) voted to approve a one-time allocation of $34,000 to Minority Coalition (MinCo) to fund heritage month events.

CC forms subcommittee for high-cost club sports

Last Friday, College Council (CC) held the first meeting of a new subcommittee on the funding of high-cost club sports. The goal of the committee is to generate a bylaw proposal for CC to vote on, which would dictate how much money can equitably be allocated to clubs, such as the equestrian, sailing, rugby and ultimate frisbee teams. 

“There are a lot of different possible solutions and instead of me and other council members randomly deciding on one and pushing it, we thought it made more sense to bring in the people who actually request the funding and see what they think is most useful,” CC Co-president Lizzy Hibbard ’19 said.

College Council holds semiannual elections

This past week, College Council (CC) conducted its semiannual elections. After initial technical issues with the online BigPulse voting system that required elections to be postponed, the voting period lasted from Friday to Monday.