College Council holds semiannual elections

Rachel Scharf

This past week, College Council (CC) conducted its semiannual elections. After initial technical issues with the online BigPulse voting system that required elections to be postponed, the voting period lasted from Friday to Monday. Voter turnout was relatively low this semester, with 447 students voting in total and an overall turnout of 20.54 percent. Turnout was 16.24 percent among seniors, 16.37 percent among juniors, 19.75 percent among sophomores and 45.91 percent among first-years.

On Monday night, CC announced the election results, which included the makeup of this year’s Honor and Discipline Committee. Donglin Zhang ’19, Keshav Goel ’19, Nicholas Goldrosen ’20, Chloe Henderson ’20, Abraham Eafa ’21, Gabby Martin ’21, Chenyu Zhang ’22 and Isaac Wilkins ’22 were elected to the Committee.

Sanket Patel ’22 was chosen as CC’s assistant  treasurer. Each class also elected four representatives. Serapia Kim ’19, Ang Sherpa ’19, Joshua Teruneh ’19 and Olivia Tse ’19.5 will represent the class of 2019, and Kimberly Hadaway ’21, Solly Kasab ’21, Lance Ledet ’21 and Franklin De La Cruz ’21 were elected for the class of 2021. For the class of 2022, Kai Soto-Dessen ’22 will represent Armstrong and Pratt, Kenia Cruz Guardado ’22 was elected for Mills and Dennett, Nathan Medow ’22 will represent Williams Hall and Tristan Whalen ’22 was chosen for Sage Hall.

For the class of 2020, results are still somewhat uncertain; William Howie ’20, Chris Mykrantz ’20 and Forest Williams ’20 were chosen to represent the class, but the fourth elected representative was a write-in candidate, Devin Flynn ’18, who graduated from the College last year. According to CC Co-President Lizzy Hibbard ’19, CC is currently working to amend this issue and assign a current class of 2020 student to the position. “Three people were running for class of 2020 representative. Because we need four representatives per class, we selected the next student BigPulse identified as having the most votes based off our runoff system,” Hibbard said. “We later realized that student no longer attends Williams, and we are talking with other write-in candidates to fill this slot.”

Hibbard and Co-President Moisés Roman Mendoza are pleased with the results of the election and are looking forward to working with the new representatives.  “We’re so excited to have a full Council and get started on our fall agenda, which includes bystander training for all student organizations, voter engagement efforts for congressional midterm elections, supporting the Asian American Studies movement and mitigating the summer earnings requirement for financial aid students,” they said. “We were especially happy to see the big turnout of first-years running for Council, and we encourage anyone who may not have been elected this time to run next semester!”