WALLS: Spring picks

WALLS participants camped out in Lawrence Hall overnight to get their first-choice picks from WCMA’s covetable collection. See the pieces in their new homes! Photos by Aniah Price and Sabrine Brismeur

Mina Burns ’22

Mina Burns with Ambassade d’Autriche, Eugène Atget.

WCMA runs Winter Study course in curation, museum practice

An interestingly paradoxical trend describes museum quality: The more effort put into engineering the experience, the more invisible the effort becomes. The most clever, intuitive gallery designs match the visitors’ needs, like attentive parents anticipating their children’s demands, precisely so that they may be overlooked.

“Raising Hell” enraptures audience with witty, absurd antics

At 8 p.m. last Friday night, students piled into Paresky Auditorium for the Perennial Amateur Convention’s (PAC) fall comedy show, Raising Hell, which consisted of a few introductory stand-up acts followed by sketches written by the group’s members. Julia Cochran ’19, PAC president, greeted the audience, giving a nod to the show’s director Abby Lloyd ’20, and introduced head writers Evelyn Elgart ’19 and Benjamin Stanley ’19, the latter of whom she jokingly said was only there “to not alienate the men in the audience.” She acknowledged PAC’s female leadership in a genre of entertainment that has historically been male dominated.