WALLS: Spring picks

Amelia Chen

WALLS participants camped out in Lawrence Hall overnight to get their first-choice picks from WCMA’s covetable collection. See the pieces in their new homes!

Photos by Aniah Price and Sabrine Brismeur

Mina Burns ’22

Mina Burns with Ambassade d’Autriche, Eugène Atget.

“It seemed mysterious yet aesthetic, and it’s really interesting how the photographer plays with light. I feel that because I’m living with the piece, the meaning of the piece changes from day to day as my daily experience changes.”

Ariella Markowitz ’19

Ariella with Glacial Termination, Daniel Kukla

“The piece is really about climate and displacement. It’s a very cool, glacial, kind of abstract landscape. I wanted it to take up a lot of space and be across from the real glacial landscape that’s also outside.”

Ruthie Laurence ’22

Ruthie with Margaret Bourke-White working atop the Chrysler Building, Margaret Bourke-White

“I’m scared of heights, and I just sort of saw it and I was like, wow, this is very frightening, but it’s kind of fun. It elicits a reaction. Maybe it’ll help me get over my fear of heights, who knows. I think it’s really beautiful. I think it’s kind of cool that it’s a black and white photo.”

Sam Thorpe ’22

Sam with Riverfront, Curran Hagleberg

“It reminds me of how lucky I am to be waking up in a place like this. Every time I wake up to it, I notice something different. There’s a lot more depth in it than there are in some of the other paintings; there’s so many elements to it that are each worth spending some time looking at.”