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Black students at the College find community through hair braiding. (Julia Karp/The Williams Record)

Hair braiding provides source of identity, community for Black students at the College

Aluna Brogdon and Rehema Mwamburi May 1, 2024
Limited access to goods and services determines many students’ experience of Williamstown. For Black students, the College’s geography is not only a peripheral inconvenience: It’s directly related to intimate parts of daily life, including the care and preservation of hair. The Record interviewed students at the College about the networks of hair styling at the College, the politics of hair and respectability, and the position of hair as a locus of community and empowerment. 
In the Holi celebration on Friday, students also battled each other with water guns called pichkaris. (Jane Su/The Williams Record)

‘New beginnings’: SASA and HSA welcome spring with Holi celebration

Rehema Mwamburi and Dilay Kalınoğlu April 24, 2024
Last Friday, students, led by members of the South Asian Students’ Association (SASA) and the Hindu Students Association (HSA) gathered to celebrate Holi, the traditional Hindu festival of colors, on Paresky Lawn. 
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