College staff teach in McCann School co-op program

High schooler Phoenix Hebel works in Driscoll as part of McCann Technical School’s co-op program. NICHOLAS GOLDROSEN/MANAGING EDITOR

Teaching and learning at the College do not occur just in classrooms – they are a vital part of the dining halls and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) here as well.

CSS officers teach P.E. class promoting women’s self-defense

Many of the College’s staff take a central role in the teaching mission of the College, and Campus Safety and Security (CSS) officers are no exception. The College’s Physical Education department has offered a class called Rape Aggression Defense (RAD), a self-defense program taught primarily by two CSS officers, Associate Director Alison Warner and Officer Erik Kristensen. RAD is a women-only class that teaches students how to identify dangerous situations and fight off attackers.

One in Two Thousand: Victoria Michalska ’22


I first met Victoria when I was sitting with a friend on the swing set behind Mission. She said the two of us looked like Romeo and Juliet, and even though it was weeks before Victoria and I crossed paths again, she remembered my name.

One in Two Thousand: Tom Robertshaw ’19


As a fellow member of the Octet, I have had the pleasure of spending at least six hours a week with Tom, if not many more. With his philosophizing about the relative merits of singing in two rows rather than one, he always makes my life more interesting.

Bernie Rhie leads Zen workshop

On Tuesday evenings, most students at the College are knee-deep in work at Sawyer or Schow. Even so, it is not uncommon for the meditation room in the basement of Thompson Memorial Chapel to be filled to capacity.