One in Two Thousand: Victoria Michalska ’22


I first met Victoria when I was sitting with a friend on the swing set behind Mission. She said the two of us looked like Romeo and Juliet, and even though it was weeks before Victoria and I crossed paths again, she remembered my name.

One in Two Thousand: Tom Robertshaw ’19


As a fellow member of the Octet, I have had the pleasure of spending at least six hours a week with Tom, if not many more. With his philosophizing about the relative merits of singing in two rows rather than one, he always makes my life more interesting.

One in Two Thousand: Megan Siedman ’20


Megan, one my junior advisors (JAs) in Mills-Dennett 2, provides her frosh with countless funny anecdotes and snacks schedules organized by a secret mathematical code. We sat down to discuss gum, Kidz Bop and Lindsay Lohan’s secret twin.

One in Two Thousand: Crystal Ma ’21


We both met Crystal as first-years, Kaira through Willy E (she and Crystal are now roommates), Rebecca through crew. Crystal always brightens our days with her animated anecdotes and quirky style.

Two in Two Thousand: Phoebe Huang ’20 and Will Huang ’21


In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Record brings you its annual profile of a campus couple. This year, that couple is Phoebe Huang ’20 and Will Huang ’21, who have been dating since the sixth problem set in their econometrics class last spring.

One in Two Thousand: Jad Hamdan ’19

Sophia Shin/Photo Editor

I first met Jad when we were both members of the College’s honor committee, and now I have the honor of being his friend. We sat down to chat about his theses, the great state of Ohio and the best bad joke he knows.

One in Two Thousand: Delsa Lopez ’21

I first met Delsa through Exploring the Arts during First Days. Everything about her – from her bold lipstick to her buoyant energy – had me thinking, “This is someone I want to get to know.” I sat down with her to talk about all things spooky, ranging from makeup to taxidermy.

One in Two Thousand: Rosie Sokoll ’22

Rosie is one of the wonderful frosh of Willy AB. She is always energetic and likes giving us Junior Advisors [JAs] piggyback rides, so I sat down with her to chat about that, Ancient Greek and Vines.

One in Two Thousand: Minh Tran ’19

I first met Minh during Windows on Williams my senior year of high school. At the time, he taught me what “lit” meant, a term that was still in its nascent stages in 2015.