Lynn Melchiori of OIT gets creative with Crayola

Lynn Melchiori has authored and illustrated multiple children’s books, including The Adventures of Mimi the Artist. Photo Courtesy of Lynn Melchiori

The atmosphere of the dimly-lit office of Lynn Melchiori, staff member at the Faculty/Staff Support Desk for OIT, does not do its occupant any justice; while the room is dark, she is bright, and while the room is still, she is burning with passion.

“Dragonchild” installation explores musical reparations

Walking into the Spencer Studio Art Building on Sunday afternoon, I initially looked around, puzzled, not sure where to find the cryptic sound installation I was searching for. My confusion did not last for long, however, as I began to notice a low rumbling noise emanating from down the hallway. 

Following signs printed with arrows on the walls and noticing the sound growing louder, I found my way to Spencer 112, where the artist – D. A. Mekonnen – was stationed outside.

Box Office Hours: ‘Woman at War’ with Magnús Bernhardsson

Playing at Images through  tomorrow, Woman at War, directed by Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, chronicles the story of Halla, an Icelandic woman, and her fight against the industrialization of Iceland. Halla directs a choir and leads an outwardly normal life; in her alternative life, however, she is an “ecoterrorist,” an individual who advocates for the environment with dramatic and sometimes violent measures.

Photo box: QSU Drag Show

Interviews by Lily Goldberg, Arts Editor, and photos by Sabrine Brismeur, Photo Editor. El Alfa & Bad Bunny

  Hometown El Alfa: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Bad Bunny: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico   Backstory El Alfa: Once I was arrested by the Dominican Republic for slandering the government and I was sentenced to 15 days of community service.

New exhibit probes realness

PHOTO COURTESY OF MASS MOCA. “Suffering from Realness,” a new exhibit at Mass MoCA, explores subjective truths and representation in news.