New clubs aim to battle inequities in finance

A meme in the “Williams memes for sun-dappled tweens” Facebook group discusses the College’s sudden profusion of finance clubs. (Meme courtesy of Onder Kilinc ’23.)

A post in the “Williams Memes for sun-dappled tweens” Facebook group at the start of September poked fun at the recent growth of finance clubs since the spring semester.

IOIT: Peer institutions announce fall plans as July approaches

Over the past month, many of the College’s peer institutions have announced their plans on whether or how to return to campus for the fall semester. President Maud S. Mandel committed to making an announcement about the College’s plans by July 1, and as that date draws near, the Chronicle of Higher Education has compiled a list of the plans released by over 1,000 colleges and universities. According to their tracker as of Tuesday night, 64 percent of colleges are planning for an in-person semester, 16 percent are proposing a hybrid model, 7 percent are considering a range of scenarios, 8 percent of are planning for an online semester and 5 percent still waiting to decide.

In Other Ivory Towers: Fall announcements

In Other Ivory Towers is the Record’s look at colleges and universities outside the Purple Bubble. In recent weeks, many schools, including New York University, Boston University, Boston College, Notre Dame, Cambridge and Harvard Medical School, have announced guidelines for the fall 2020 semester.