Dispensaries open in Berkshire County

The first marijuana dispensary in Berkshire County opened its doors to the public on Jan. 11, more than two years after Massachusetts’ legalization of recreational marijuana.

Ephs volunteer at Pownal Elementary

For all of the value that an elite liberal arts college can bring to a remote area, there is an inevitable tension created by the presence of a wealthy institution of higher education like the College in a region that is, on average, neither particularly wealthy nor highly educated. Such an institution can either be an asset to the local community or a focal point of resentment and symbol of division.

James Wang ’12 returns stateside after playing overseas

From 2009 to 2012, James Wang ’12 was an instrumental part of the men’s basketball team’s success, leading the way as a three-time All-American and the fourth leading scorer in Eph history. Six years later, both the sport and the College still remain influential to his life.

Behind the Uniform: Amy Clemo

Although Amy Clemo has been working the late-night shift in Whitmans’ Dining Hall for the past five years so that she can be at home during the day with her children, in that time, she says, she feels like she has gained thousands of new children. During Clemo’s late-night shifts, the impact she has on students is remarkably similar to the one she has at home on her children.