New exhibit probes realness

PHOTO COURTESY OF MASS MOCA. “Suffering from Realness,” a new exhibit at Mass MoCA, explores subjective truths and representation in news.

WCMA runs Winter Study course in curation, museum practice

An interestingly paradoxical trend describes museum quality: The more effort put into engineering the experience, the more invisible the effort becomes. The most clever, intuitive gallery designs match the visitors’ needs, like attentive parents anticipating their children’s demands, precisely so that they may be overlooked.

“Extreme Nature!” considers the Sublime


How exhilarating it would be to stand at the edge of a cliff, wind whistling around you, with the terrifying thought in your mind that the glorious view in front of you could easily be your last. After all, you’d only need to make one tiny movement to plunge to your death.

Matt Carter receives NIH grant to study hunger


In Assistant Professor of Biology Matt Carter’s lab, cutting edge breakthroughs can happen entirely by accident.  

“[My student and I] were following up on another study and we found this one brain region that seemed to be very active after an animal ate a big meal,” said Carter.