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Katie Brule/Photo Editor

One in Two Thousand: Marshall Borrus ’20

Haeon Yoon October 24, 2018

I first met Marshall in Fitch House’s basement when he was brewing a cranberry concoction. I later found out that he was my suitemate’s lab partner. I learned more about him and his various obsessions...

Stina Kutzer, owner and farmer of Gammelgården Creamery, pets 14-year-old Babette, the farms first cow. Rachel Scharf/Managing Editor

Gammelgården Creamery adds new autumnal skyr flavors

Haeon Yoon September 26, 2018

Signs of fall are fast approaching: the Purple Valley has a deeper flush, the Patagonia fleeces are out and the pumpkins have made their annual reappearance in dining halls across campus. But my personal...

Word on the Quad: What is convocation?

Word on the Quad: What is convocation?

Haeon Yoon September 19, 2018

A bunch of chairs under a tent. Mahesh Saha '22 An excuse for Williams to brag that it invented the cap and gown. Lauren Barry '21 Seniors realizing that they get to leave soon. Henry Nguyen '20 Having...

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