TAPSI Review Committee rearranges 2023-2024 placements

Megan Lin

The Theme/Affinity/Program/Special Interest (TAPSI) Review Committee reviewed its original housing decisions for TAPSI houses and changed the locations of four houses. Though the committee has not yet finalized the placements officially, it has notified the Community Coordinators (CCs) about the rearrangement of the houses.

Triple A Space, a house for AAPI students, was originally placed in Sewall House and will now be on the first floor of Prospect House. Williams Interfaith Dialogue, originally in the first floor of Prospect, has now been moved to Sewall. Eban House was originally placed in the first floor of Morgan Hall but will now be in Wood House — its location during the 2022-2023 school year. The Performing Arts House, previously placed in Wood, will now occupy the basement and first floor of Currier Hall.

The Sustainable Living Community; International House; La Casa, a house for Latinx students; and International Diplomacy and Global Finance House will remain in their original assignments of Garfield House, Gladden House, Spencer House, and Goodrich House, respectively.

The placement changes come after weeks of meetings between CCs of TAPSI houses and the TAPSI Review Committee following the committee’s original decisions, which left many CCs dissatisfied.

Shoshie Hemley ’25, a CC for the Performing Arts House, said that she was excited about the new placement in Currier, especially given the access to Currier Ballroom — a room frequently utilized by various performance groups on campus. “We can’t do performing arts programming without a performing arts space,” she said in an interview with the Record.

The Triple A Space was moved to Prospect, a decision that one of the CCs, Will Ding ’24, said made him happy. Ding said the common rooms in Prospect — which are larger than those in Sewall — are more compatible with the welcoming community the Triple A Space is trying to cultivate. “We’re just appreciative that we were given consideration and that we were able to discuss with [the committee],” he said.

The CCs for Eban House, Yoyo Feliz ’26 and Amirah Parker ’26, both said they were satisfied with their placement in Wood, the dorm that Eban House has occupied this year. “It’s a space that we know well, so we’d love to improve on it and make it [more of] a safe space,” Feliz said.

“I’m looking forward to making the space inviting, welcoming, and homey to the best of our ability,” Parker added.

Though conversations between the committee and the CCs of Eban House are still in progress regarding amenities specific to Wood, such as updates to furniture and shower curtains, the committee has begun having conversations about the student feedback it has received during meetings with CCs.

“As soon as we can, we’ll sit down and do a thoughtful, everybody-involved assessment of what went well, what didn’t go well and how we’re going to improve it for next year,” said Director of Residential Life and member of the TAPSI Review Committee Patricia Leahey-Hays. “But we haven’t even really concluded this process yet.”