Dear Ephelia: Advice from Record Staff

Ephelia Ephelia

Help! How do I beat the line at Goodrich?

Never have I ever been to Goodrich, and there was not a line. Whether it’s 7:30 a.m. or 10 a.m., there is always a seemingly endless procession of people. And after conducting robust research on the traffic volumes of Goodrich, I have concluded that it seems this way because it is this way; there is, in fact, no optimal time to beat the line. Make the best of this situation by bringing a friend to keep you company in the queue, or go to Tunnel if budgeting permits.

What is your favorite thing to buy on Spring Street? 

All my lovers, please take note: Tunnel blueberry muffins, anything on ciabatta from Spring Street Market, and udon soup from Blue Mango are my favorites. If you think in terms of the number of potential dishes rather than the number of establishments, there actually is quite a bit to try on our humble street. 

Can you speak to GroupMe etiquette? Is it just me or is it an unspoken rule to never text in a large group chat?

I know this is an advice column, but when it comes to the digital aspect of society, I am pretty much inept. Given how inactive most chats are, it seems like bad form to liberally text in a large chat. It’s fine to disseminate information, e.g. a flyer for an event you are hosting, but it is definitely not the place to spam. In my experience, it is also normal to send passive aggressive messages about communal living spaces in your dorm GroupMe. GroupMe etiquette, like all social etiquette, is arbitrary and irrational at times, so my rule of thumb is just to behave how the average GroupMe member would. 

Ephelia, the people are dying to know what era you are in. 

I would say I am in my flop era (math take-home exams are really humbling), but since I am all about that positive self-talk, I am instead going to say I am in my liminal slay era. I am not exactly in my peak form, but I am working on it, and thus liminal slay.