Dear Ephelia: Advice from Record Staff

Ephelia Ephelia

Does anyone actually floss?

If you had asked me this question last year, I would have made some snide joke about how I hope my dentist is not reading this. But a lot has changed; I have seen the light. Discovering a piece of god-knows-what between my teeth brings me some strange archaeological thrill. Popcorn kernels are ancient treasures to me, artifacts from my visit to Images the night before — but I digress.

Moral of the story: Some people floss, and some people are normal.

College is hard and my self-esteem is taking a hit — how do I remind myself that I am a baddie in these trying times?

For me, what makes me feel secure in myself is delusion! At this point, I take so many losses so frequently that I just brush them off and carry on with my life. So, take a page from the book of man and embrace unfounded confidence.

The bathroom situation in my dorm is suboptimal, but I’ll spare you the details. Have you got any bathroom recommendations?

Whether Driscoll dinner is moving through you faster than the speed of light or your suitemates have taken up residence on the toilet, here is the definitive ranking of 24/7 bathrooms on campus:

Wachenheim/South Science: 10/10

Hollander and Schapiro: Strange locks

Sawyer: Heavily trafficked

Paresky: No paper towels

Schow: Really beige

Bernhard: Acoustics that are not bathroom-appropriate

Curious as to where you stand on the Snar debate. Do you think this year is an improvement from the last?

Aside from the fact that merchant is seemingly always at order capacity, my main gripe with the new Snar is the portion limitation. It’s great to be able to choose what you want when you want, but I miss being able to fill three to-go containers with chicken tenders — though I suppose I see how that might have been an issue for Dining.

Is Snapchat obsolete?

Try to spot what’s wrong with this picture: You’re 27, sitting in the dining room of your Back Bay apartment with a group of your friends. You’re hosting a dinner party, and you’ve decided to try a roast chicken recipe from none other than the internet chef du jour. As you sip on your Moscow Mule, you reminisce on the days of cheap beer and hard seltzer, and, while you cherish those times, you can’t imagine going back. Someone’s complaining about how their fiancé leaves the toilet seat up, another person is talking about their dog’s recently diagnosed allergies, and you remember you need to snap a picture for your private story “Food for Thots.”

While Snapchat is still in use among many Williams students, I have to hope its obsolescence is impending.