15 Reasons you should have been at ‘Whack at 8’ last Saturday

Crystal Ma

Students attended a pop-up party dedicated to and modeled after rapper Tierra Whack’s project Whack World. Photo courtesy of Nasir Grissom.
  1. Kester was there
  2. Bubble gum
  3. Confetti
  4. All the studio art majors from down the hall were also there
  5. Small bananas
  6. A poster where you could write down your favorite question
  7. Someone wearing silver spandex lying on an elevated surface in the middle of the room
  8. All of Tierra Whack’s 2018 album Whack World
  9. Colored lights
  10. Uncolored lights
  11. Unicorn poop and cheese balls
  12. Helium and drinks
  13. Two eggs
  14. A video of yourself in the room projected on the wall of the room
  15. No hermeneutics
Photo courtesy of Nasir Grissom.