The Record prefers ads submitted as high-resolution .pdf files or .tif image files. We can accommodate some copy that is neither digital nor camera-ready. The ad will be prepared and typeset by our layout staff for a fee of 10 percent of the total cost of the ad, with a minimum charge of $10.00. Please understand in advance that the print quality of your ad can be severely affected by the resolution of your image file.

Two important things to remember when designing an advertisement: we cannot run advertisements smaller than 1 column (1.8 inches) by 4 inches and we cannot run advertisements that are 5 columns wide. Both are due to layout issues with our specific paper.

Any advertiser placing four or more ads within the period of one semester (September-January, or January-May) will receive a 10 percent discount towards their total bill. The discount only applies when the intention to run multiple ads is clearly stated at the time of the placement of the first advertisement.

Invoices are sent out after each edition. A single tear sheet will be included unless the advertiser requests multiple tear sheets or full issues. Payments must be remitted within 30 days. No advertisements will be run for customers with an overdue balance of any amount. Delinquent payments (those over a month due) may be subject to a 10 percent additional charge per month. Severely delinquent payments will be relegated to an outside agency.

Payments can be made via check to The Williams Record or online at the following link:

Please send all advertising copy through email to the Advertising Manager ( and all payments to the Business Manager at the address below.

Advertising: 2016-2017 School Year

The Williams Record
Attn: National Ads
Paresky Center
Williamstown, MA 01267


Phone number: (413) 597-2289

Download our local and national ad guides below:

Local Print Advertisement Guide:

Williams Record Local Print Advertising Guide 2015-2016

National Print Advertisement Guide:

Williams Record National Print Advertising Guide 2015-2016

Online Advertisement Guide:

Williams Record Online Advertising Guide 2015-2016

 National advertising rates pertain to those businesses or individuals who are located outside Williamstown, MA.

Term of Payment: Net 30 Days

NOTE: A service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged after due date.

Circulation: 2000 in Williamstown and Subscriptions via the U.S. Postal Service

Publication schedule: Weekly on Wednesdays

Copy Deadline: Saturday afternoon, 5 days before ad is run

Depth of page: 21.5″

Width of page: 11.5 inches (six 1.8 inch columns)