On free speech

To the Editor:

Valerie Oyakhilome ’18 writes that “the administration is able to disinvite John Derbyshire, but chose to allow [former Senator] Brown to enter into our sanctuary, incite concealed racists and further rob minority students of their sense of safety, security and agency.” Agreed! Here is a modest proposal: Williams should form a committee which would create a list of “racist” ideas. Any person supporting these ideas would be banned from campus. Applications for admission from high school students who are in favor of reducing illegal immigration should be rejected. Teaching applications from anyone who donated to President Trump’s campaign should be discarded. Any student or professor who demonstrates “bigotry” should be removed from campus. Such behavior is inconsistent with the Williams Code of Conduct.

– David Kane ’88

One comment

  1. Students and faculty who want to understand how a steadfast desire to provide minority students with a sense of safety, security and agency quickly devolves into a campus-level equivalent of an authoritarian regime should read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. It is impossible to create the leftist utopia imagined by leftist elites without coercion, secret police, and a dramatic loss of liberty.

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