Letter from the Editor

To the college community:

On behalf of all of us here at The Williams Record, I am honored and thrilled to open up a new chapter in our paper’s history. Since 1887, our paper has undergone plenty of revisions but perhaps none will prove more all-encompasisng than the one that will unfold throughout this year. 

Much of our evolution will prove clearly visible to you, beginning with this new layout that seeks to retain the best of what our print version has offered in years past in a modern, cleaner design. In addition, our new website launches today, replete with a much more user-friendly interface and the introduction of video content as well as podcasts.

Moreover, this new chapter of the Record brings with it a renewed commitment from all of us on the masthead to producing the most engaging, investigative and thought-provoking work that we can, while constantly seeking out critique and opportunities for us to serve this community better. Thank you for your support, and happy reading!

Jack Brent Greenberg


  • Augustine25

    It would be nice to see the Record have the courage to report both sides of the story and to honor the experience of conservative faculty and students on the campus. It is wrong to assume that all your readers are being adequately served when the perspective of conservatives is routinely edited out of the paper. If we are going to hear from the beneficiaries of affirmative action, we should also hear the voices of those harmed by it.