Letter to the Editor

On respecting property

To the Editor:

Jessica Park is a woman with autism who lives on Hoxsey Street opposite the Bronfman Science Center parking lot. She is a world-renowned artist and a long-time employee of the College, where she works in the Paresky mailroom that bears her name. She takes pleasure in decorating the front of her house with small solar-powered lighting displays: plastic stars or globes that run through a series of changing colors.

These often disappear, which distresses her. While I understand as well as anyone the pleasure that comes from destroying or stealing someone else’s property, I would be obliged if whichever students are responsible would restrain themselves in this particular case. These are inexpensive items. If you would like me to provide them to you, either to decorate your rooms or apartments or else trample underfoot and abandon in the woods – really, for any purpose whatsoever – please contact me at my office in Stetson Hall, and I will buy you an assortment. But could you please leave hers alone?


Paul Park

Lecturer in English


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