Untraditional Eph races

The “untraditional race,” has recently been gaining popularity at the College. In these races, participants either run to support a specific cause, race through obstacles or are pelted with color. In the past, students at the College have hosted the Run For a Cure, 10k Challenge and Color Run events and have participated in off-campus events including the Color Me Rad and Warrior Dash races. – Jeffrey Rubel ’17 

Michella Ore/Contributing Photographer
Michella Ore/Contributing Photographer


Run for a Cure is an annual 5k race in memory of Matt Stauffer ’96, which benefits the American Cancer Society. “The cause is what drives this type of event, not the race,” Chris Greeno ’14, event co-organizer, said. “Those running the race get to contribute to a cause they care about both monetarily and through raising awareness.” The event draws a variety of College and Williamstown community members. “We’re also pretty aggressive about marketing the event,” Greeno said, so the event is able to attract many students from different walks of campus life. In the past, this has been one of the races with the highest attendance, often drawing people of varied speeds and skill levels. The race will be run this spring.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Chang.
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Chang.


This summer, Tiffany Chang ’14 participated in the Warrior Dash race. This race is different from other 5k races because it includes 12 obstacles, which are similar to those on a ropes course. “[The race] seemed like a good, fun excuse to get extremely muddy,” Chang said. “I get bored if I’m just running, so the adventure-style races make running more exciting.” The Warrior Dash is designed for both competitive and non-competitive races. “It definitely sparked my interest to do more [obstacle-style races] in the future,” Chang said.


Libby Dvir/Features Editor
Libby Dvir/Features Editor.


Every Winter Study, the cross-country team participates in the 10k Challenge, in which competitors run 10k (6.2 miles), lift 10,000 pounds, attempt to eat 10,000 calories of the same food product, and then run another 10k – all within 24 hours. “There is a huge disparity between people that talk about the challenge and the number that actually attempt it,” Peter Drews ’14, cross-country co-captain, said. The hardest part of the challenge is the food consumption. “It’s really mentally difficult,” Drews said. The reigning champ of the 10k Challenge is Dan Silver ’13.

- Christian Ruhl/ Photo Assistant.
Christian Ruhl/ Photo Assistant.


Spencer Neighborhood hosted the College’s first color run last Sunday, wherein student racers were peltted with colored chalk. According to the organizers, the race is fun because there are no winners or losers and it brings the greater College community together. Spencer Neighborhood decided to host the Color Run to fulfill the Health/Wellness programming block of the neighborhood system event calendar. The goal of the run was to get people to get outside and have fun. “We’re hoping to hold more events like this in the future, events that are exciting, fun and that people will want to participate in,” Fanny Mlawer ’14, Spencer Neighborhood president, said.


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