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Midshipmen discplined for file sharing

Administrators at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. have punished 85 students at the Academy for illegally file-sharing copyrighted materials over the school’s Internet connection.

The punishments handed down to the students were serious, but were not public since they “stopped short of expulsion or court martial.”

The administration was first alerted to these offenses by students following a raid last November. According to administrators, the students were repeatedly told that illegal file sharing “was an inappropriate use of government computing resources.” The Naval Academy received several letters from the Recording Industry of America and other entertainment industry groups citing that midshipmen were illegally downloading music.

Commander Bill Spann commented, “This boiled down to holding the next generation of the nation’s combat leaders accountable for their actions.”

Courtesy of The Chronicle for Higher Education

Wesleyan students assaulted

A group of Wesleyan students were verbally assaulted and attacked by water balloons and eggs as they protested the lack of student of color housing and safe spaces on the Middletown campus on Thursday, April 24. The attacks occurred sometime in the morning between 1 and 2 a.m. No one was injured, but the attacks enraged many members of the Wesleyan community.

The assailants are assumed to be Wesleyan students. An investigation is currently underway. “I was appalled that Wesleyan students could not freely exercise their rights to witness or develop symbolic structures as a form of protest, and that members of our community as cowards would attack them and harass them,” said Freddye Hill, dean of the College.

The President of Wesleyan, Douglas Bennet sent out an e-mail to students stating, “An attack on any community member is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I am adamant in my commitment that all Wesleyan students will be free to express themselves without intimidation, harassment or violence.”

The student protesters were asking the administration to create “an anti-oppression dorm or residential space for frosh, a Korean/ Korean- American house and an Arab/ Arab-American/Muslim house.”

Courtesy of The Wesleyan Argus

UPenn professor charged with rape

University of Pennsylvania professor Tracy McIntosh, was charged with a raping a woman in his office. The alleged incident took place on Sept. 6, 2002. According to the University and police reports, the woman, who is neither an employee nor a student at UPenn, was raped in McIntosh’s office after she smoked marijuana that he provided. McIntosh turned himself in to the police on April 24.

McIntosh’s lawyer, Thomas Bergstorm, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian, commented“that McIntosh’s voluntary surrender was in now way an admission of guilt.” Bergstorm added “that MacIntosh was merely following procedure and that ‘if you don’t surrender, then [the police] come after you.’”

A preliminary hearing was held last Thursday to determine whether McIntosh will be tried. McIntosh’s lawyer expects this case to go to trial, but is also confident that in the end all charges will be dropped. McIntosh is being charged with rape, indecent assault, and false imprisonment.

According to a University spokesperson, “We learned of the woman’s allegations about two and a half months after the alleged events. We responded immediately and appropriately and conducted an internal investigation into the matter, [which turned up no evidence].”

Courtesy of The Daily Pennsylvanian

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