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University of Pennsylvania students opposed to the Bush administration’s proposed war in Iraq staged a protest against Vice President Cheney’s Friday visit. Cheney was on campus to dedicate the new Jon B. Huntsman Hall.

The students, representing campus organizations Penn for Peace and Empty the Shelters, camped out on the College Green and set up a tent city to “welcome” Cheney. The protest centered on a ten-foot tall Cheney puppet, which was said to look “like Cheney’s angry at the world and is abusing his power,” according to senior Penn for Peace member Lincoln Ellis.

“We want to continually remind the campus that the most dangerous vice president in history is coming to campus, and it’s kind of our duty to speak out against him,” Ellis said.

Courtesy of The Daily Pennsylvanian

Swarthmore’s administrators reject possibility of self-scheduled exams

Faculty and administrators balked at Swarthmore Student Council’s proposal to allow students to take final exams according to their own schedule, citing concerns about academic honesty.

Administrators brought up logistical concerns about professors having to deal with a grade rush but were most concerned about exam integrity in large classes, where students taking exams at radically different times could allow for rampant cheating. Allowing self-scheduled exams would also require the implementation of some sort of honor code, which was quickly rejected. “I don’t think an honor code is very Swarthmore-like,” Student Council co-President Ryan Budish said. “That whole sense of suspicion that it generates is very anti-collegial.”

Courtesy of Swarthmore’s The Phoenix

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