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At an Oct. 1 faculty meeting, Hamilton’s 18th President, Eugene M. Tobin, announced his resignation, to take effect on June 30, 2003. Tobin’s resignation, after serving for nine years as Hamilton’s president, follows an official apology he made on Sept. 20th, in regards to his not adequately citing sources in his convocation speech. In his remarks to Hamilton’s faculty, Tobin acknowledged that in looking through past speeches and oral communications, he noticed a pattern of failure to cite sources. This pattern, he said, had been going on for nine years.

“Because of my deep affection for this college and my unwavering support for its traditions and values, I have anguished over the embarrassment my speech-writing process has brought to our community,” Tobin said in an e-mail sent to students and faculty. “Ultimately, I concluded that it is in Hamilton’s best interest that I step down as president.”

A Presidential Search committee is being formed which will try to find an appropriate successor for Tobin.

Wesleyan: Speak-Out Against Iraqi War Draws Large Crowd

On Sept. 30, more than 200 students assembled at a protest against a possible war in Iraq. The speak-out was arranged by a new student group at Wesleyan, called Students for Peace in Iraq Now, or SPIN.

Included in the protest were speeches by student leaders, faculty members, and a community activist, as well as an open-microphone session. Students were also given the opportunity to sign letters to their congressmen voicing their ardent opposition to military action against Iraq.

Courtesy of The Wesleyan Argus

Harvard: Two Students Sentenced

The two students who stole almost $100,000 from Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals, will not go to jail for their crime, Judge Peter Agnes decided Thursday. Randy Gomes, was sentenced to five years probation, while Suzanne Pomey was sentenced to two years.

Still, their convictions will be noted on their permanent records.

The two former members of the Class of 2002 did not receive diplomas and the Administrative Board of the College is reviewing the matter. Still, even Pomey’s lawyer admits, there is little chance that either will receive diplomas.

Courtesy of The Harvard Crimson

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