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800 Yale students, employees arrested during protest on treatment

About 800 students and employees at Yale University were arrested last Wednesday while protesting Yale’s treatment of its workers. The protest was organized by the Federation of Hospital and University Employees, and had the goal of pressuring Yale into offering fourpercent wage increases for the next six years. The protest was peaceful and well organized, but plans for it had been vetted by the police already so the arrests were not a surprise to those involved. Those arrested received $88 infraction notes from police officers and city clerks working on the New Haven green. Many had already filled out pre-arrest forms from the Police Department to speed up processing. Yale’s president stated that the unions were more interested in protesting than negotiating.

– Courtesy of The New York Times

Brown to host exhibit on history of smallpox

In light of recent controversy surrounding how America would respond to an attack by biological weapons, the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University has decided to host an exhibit about the history of smallpox: Smallpox in the Americas, 1492 to 1815: Contagion and Controversy. The exhibit includes books and pamphlets focusing on the experiences of Spanish explorers with the disease, the effect of the disease on colonial America, and early and modern treatments of the disease. It includes both early documents explaining how smallpox might be used as a weapon, such as against the Americans in the Revolutionary War, and early methods of treatment and the controversy surrounding inoculation. It is on display until Jan. 15, 2003.

– Courtesy of Brown University News Service

UMass, town officials meet to discuss destructive parties

UMass and Amherst town officials have met recently to address the issue of “massive student parties,” according to The Daily Hampshire Gazette. The discussion has become particularly urgent due to a party at the Townehouse Apartments on Saturday Sept. 21, which was attended by more than 1,000 UMass students. Eleven Amherst police officers in full riot gear arrived at the scene in response to noise complaints, only to be pelted with bottles and cans. The officers worked for nearly three hours to disperse the students. Residents reported slashed tires, smashed windows and general destruction of property. “What really causes us concern is that the demeanor of the crowd was much more hostile to the police and to property,” said Lieutenant Robert O’Connor.

– Courtesy of The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Bowdoin president mulls expanding student body

Barry Mills, president of Bowdoin, has discussed plans to expand the student body at Bowdoin by as many as 200 students. Although Bowdoin’s enrollment grew throughout the last decade, Mills believes a larger student body may help Bowdoin adapt better to changing times.

“I think if we got somewhere larger we may be able to continue to deepen and strengthen both academic departments and the intellectual life on campus,” he said.

Before any expansion occurs, however, Mills said that Bowdoin will have to consider the impact an increased enrollment would have on the school’s endowment. Adding more students would dilute the endowment per student figure. “Because we are not tuition-driven, the endowment allows us to do what is special at [Bowdoin],” Mills said.

– Courtesy of The Bowdoin Orient

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