The Williams Record

Want to get involved?

Interested in writing, illustrating, podcasting and more for the Record? We’re hiring! Click here to view a list of open positions. We’re now accepting applications for remaining positions on a rolling basis. In order to apply, email ret5, kc17 and jkh2 with which position(s) you’re interested in, why you want to get involved, and any other info or ideas you have.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I get involved with the Record?

There are three ways to get involved with the Record: as an editor, a staff member or a contributor. Applications for editorial board positions open in December.

In the meantime, you can apply for a staff position, which includes roles like beat writers, illustrators, podcasters, copy editors and more. Staff writers work with one or more of our sections and are expected to contribute on a regular basis. You can find the full list of open positions here and the application here.

If you’re not interested in contributing on a regular basis but still want to hear about writing, photography, art and other opportunities, you can fill out our contributor form here. You’ll be added to our listserv to be notified about things we need covered.

How big of a time commitment is a staff position? What is expected of staff?

Staff positions vary by medium, but as a staff member you’ll be expected to contribute to the Record on a regular basis and work closely with our editors. It’s a great way to get started with the Record if you’re interested in applying for the editorial board at some point, or if you want to contribute but at a lower commitment level than as an editor.

For specific beat writers or photographers, this might mean writing an article or taking photos twice a month or once a week depending on the topic. For a copy editor this might mean working on-call one or two days a week as articles come in. We also realize that everyone’s schedules and lives change, and many positions are flexible. Positions are a semester long, after which you’re welcome to apply for a different position or apply for editorial board, or stick with your original position.

Staff are also expected to attend one general training session before getting started, weekly meetings with their editors, and two other training sessions geared to more specific interests throughout the semester.

Do I need to have prior experience?

Nope! Many of our editors got started at the Record having never done any journalism before. We’ll teach you everything you need to know (and writing an article is way less scary than writing a paper for class – we promise).

I don’t want to be a journalist. Why should I get involved?

We have positions that fit everyone! If you’re interested in econ, we need someone to cover the College’s finances and financial aid. If you’re interested in public health and medicine, we need someone to cover COVID-19 and physical and mental health on campus. If you’re interested in law or political science, we need someone to cover College lawsuits and local politics. If you don’t like to write but like to make art, we’re growing our visuals and multimedia team. And if you’re passionate about something that isn’t on our radar, let us know – we want people to cover what they’re interested in.

What if I want to do a lot of different things?

We have a couple general assignment positions, which would allow you to cover a range of stories within a section. And even if you’re covering a specific beat or work within a specific medium, you’re more than welcome to write or create content for other sections and with other mediums. If that still doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we’ll figure out what works best.

I’m taking my classes remotely this semester. Can I still get involved?

Yes! We’ve been publishing completely online and working remotely since March, and all our positions and trainings will be designed for anyone, regardless of their enrollment status. Staff positions are also open to any class year – it’s never too early or too late to get involved.

Why should I join the Record?

There isn’t a more important time to get involved with student-journalism. With a constantly changing public health situation, a lawsuit against the Williamstown Police Department and a completely different year than we’ve ever seen at Williams, now is an especially vital time to tell diverse student, faculty and staff stories and hold those in power accountable.

Our staff have created fake tinder accounts, visited old-age homes, taught a class for elementary schoolers, hiked in freezing weather before sunrise and more all in the name of journalism. Record alums have worked at NPR, The Berkshire Eagle and more. Also, you’ll get to know a great group of people (in our unbiased opinion), publish your writing/photos/art/anything else you want to send us, and always stay on top of what’s going on at Williams.

Still have questions?

Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you! If you have questions about a specific position or section, you can find the specific section editors here. You can find our anonymous tip line here and reach our advertising team at [email protected]. You can send general inquiries to [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!