This nonner is a goner: a day on the College’s wrestling team

In hopes of better understanding the one-third of student body who actually know what goes on at “lift,” I decided to see if I, an unathletically-inclined Record editor, could walk a day in an athlete’s sweat-soaked shoes. In the words of NARP hero Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek, I was determined “to boldly go where no [nonner] has gone before.”

Men’s swimming and diving wins 18th NESCAC championship

Last weekend, men’s swimming and diving won its 18th NESCAC Championship in 20 years, finishing with 1,987.5 points. The men, who served as this year’s hosts, were followed by Tufts in second place with a score of 1,797.5 and Amherst in third with 1,386.5.

Club Hub: Broadway on Ice

STEPHANIE TENG/ THE WILLIAMS RECORD The members of the Figure Skating Club pose for a photo after successfully hosting their annual ice show in Chapman Rink. At 7:25 p.m. on Saturday night, 30 minutes before the start of the Figure Skating Club’s annual ice show, a group of us stood on the boards, watching Maya Huffman ’22 and Jenny Yu ’23 dance across the ice in a synchronized, carefully practiced pattern.