Coaches continue training athletic teams remotely

For many student athletes, much of the adjustment to remote learning has included losing access to training facilities and resources, hindering their ability to stay physically and mentally fit for both themselves and for their teams. Yet in response to the shock, many coaches have gone out of their way to keep in contact with their team members, providing guidance, support and suggestions for continuing to stay active during quarantine. In some cases, training remotely does not look too different: athletes trained with familiar instructions sent from coaches.

Hundreds support Williamstown through remote fun run

Professor of Economics Sara LaLumia has a tradition of traveling to races with her mother: The professor usually runs a half-marathon, while her mother, who lives in Pennsylvania, runs a 5K. The pair continued that tradition recently — though this time with no travel involved — through a virtual fun run and day of physical fitness organized by Williams for Williamstown, a student-led initiative to buy food and other supplies from Berkshire businesses for medical workers in the area, and Williams Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

NCAA releases guidelines detailing process for resumed athletics

On Monday, the NCAA released guidelines on the process for resuming collegiate athletics following the COVID-19 pandemic. In its announcement that centered on a three-phase resocialization plan, the NCAA emphasized the importance of working with the federal government and college administrations while moving through its procedure.

Franklin Reilly ’21 runs 100 miles for food bank fundraiser

It was the beginning of April, just a few weeks after Franklin Reilly ’21 returned home to Edwards, Colo. He had recently finished his winter season on the Nordic ski team and had been gearing up for a spring season running track that was ultimately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How coaches recruit in the middle of a pandemic

COVID-19 has changed nearly every facet of college life since campuses across the country closed in March, and athletics have been no exception. Over the past month, the recruitment process of the Class of 2025 in particular has been significantly altered as colleges grapple with limits to visitations and competitions.

Physical education classes continue through remote learning

Remote physical education (PE) classes began this week, in an effort to allow seniors still in need of PE credit to fulfill their requirements and to provide other students with a healthy option for exercise amidst social distancing. The athletics department announced in March in an all-student email that it will continue to offer five PE classes in digital form.