Teach It Forward campaign concludes, raises $707 million for College priorities

On June 30, the College’s Teach It Forward (TIF) campaign ended, having raised $707 million and engaged more than 87 percent of current alumni. 

TIF, which began development in 2013, had the initial goal to engage 85 percent of alumni and fundraise $650 million towards capital building projects, financial aid, faculty support and co-curricular student experiences. The campaign developed over seven years and three College presidencies, and it launched its public phase in 2015. 

 Alumni engagement varied widely but was categorized into four main types: gift donation, event attendance, volunteering opportunities and online involvement. Student mentorship, particularly with career development, was a popular mode of engagement.

Eileen Myles poetry reading brings humor, heart to Brooks-Rogers


“I guess I’m an art writer and poet tonight,” deadpanned Eileen Myles, before breaking into a wide grin for a packed house in Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall last Thursday. They threw back their shoulders, chuckled and dove into their reading. 

Myles has written more than 20 volumes of poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

CLiA coordinates three paid professional development programs with local schools

The Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) is coordinating three paid professional development opportunities for the College’s CLiA Education Fellows over the regional school district’s February break period. These three programs are linked by the joining of interests by CLiA and Mount Greylock Regional School District (MGRSD) to increase trauma-informed training for their community partners. 

CLiA Director Paula Consolini explained that these projects aim to increase the depth of student engagement with local communities.

Mandel recounts academic and personal journey to the College

At Purple Rain’s concert last Saturday, a sea of students, faculty and parents serenaded President of the College Maud Mandel for her “almost half-birthday.”
As the mini half-birthday celebration demonstrated, many students have embraced Mandel, whose genuineness, approachability and “cool mom vibes” have won over the hearts of College members. Part of what makes the community view Mandel in this way has been her actions throughout her first semester here in Williamstown.

One in Two Thousand: Delsa Lopez ’21

I first met Delsa through Exploring the Arts during First Days. Everything about her – from her bold lipstick to her buoyant energy – had me thinking, “This is someone I want to get to know.” I sat down with her to talk about all things spooky, ranging from makeup to taxidermy.

BFAIR bridges gaps in community

The Berkshire Family and Individual Resources (BFAIR) agency wears many hats, but at its core, BFAIR provides resources and creates spaces for neurodiverse individuals to be empowered. The larger aspects of this mission involve community engagement and social integration, aspects that students from the College have helped out with over the years.

Behind the Uniform: Melinda Diaz

From exchanging textbooks to sitting down for a latte, students regularly engage with the Williams Bookstore. Staff who work to keep the shop running smoothly include Melinda Diaz, an Idaho native who landed in Williamstown through what she calls a “series of accidents.”
Two years ago, during a cross-country road trip that went literally from coast to coast, she passed through Williamstown to visit her sister in Vermont.

One in Two Thousand: Robbie Rock ’20

I first met Robbie through our mutual friend, Natalie Newton ’20, and I was thrilled to have met another tea aficionado. Upon parting ways from that first encounter, Robbie told me, “I’ll sacrifice a goat for you.” The rest is history.