Campus approval ratings

Rose Houglet

Data was compiled from a survey the Record sent out to College students. Among the students receiving the survey, 188 students responded, representing a 38 percent response rate. INFOGRAPHIC BY WILLIAM NEWTON/PRODUCTIONS MANAGER

The Record sent out its biannual approval ratings survey last week to measure student views on various campus institutions. Students had the option of “approve,” “disapprove” or “neutral” for each question. The survey was distributed randomly to 500  students and had a response rate of 38 percent, resulting in 188 participants in the survey. 

The faculty received the highest approval rating with 81 percent, a drop from last semester’s approval rating of 89 percent. College Council (CC) had the lowest approval rating with 7 percent, a drop from a 22 percent approval last semester. CC also had the highest disapproval rate with 59 percent, rising from a disapproval rating of 27 last semester. Campus Safety and Security (CSS) had the second highest disapproval rate of 27 percent. 

Academic resources and faculty had the lowest disapproval ratings, both with 3 percent.

In her second semester as president, Maud Mandel received an approval rating of 60 percent, a drop from 74 percent last semester, and a disapproval rating of 8 percent, a rise from 3 percent last semester. Mandel maintained a higher approval rating than both Interim President Protik Majumder and former President Adam Falk during their final semesters. Majumder received an approval rating of 66 percent in the Spring 2018 semester, and Falk received an approval rating of 28 percent in the fall of 2017.

The entry system also saw changes with a disapproval rate of 20 percent, a drop from 28 percent last semester. The approval rating remained the same at 48 percent.