Kudos from the Record

Features Desk

Members of the Record’s board wanted to extend our appreciation to some of the College staff who make our time here so extraordinary.

“Deborah Flynn at the Health Center is hands-down one of the kindest and most diligent people on this campus. It is clear that she genuinely cares about students and is willing to do whatever she can to help us feel better. While it is never pleasant to get sick in college, Deb makes it a lot more bearable.” – Sofie Jones

“Sharif Rosen works tirelessly to help students feel safe and deeply known. He is one of the most thoughtful individuals I’ve ever met, with an unwavering faith in people and their capacity to persevere. Thank you, Sharif, for counseling me through grief, growth and everything in between.” – Lydia Duan

“Irene Nesbitt is a kind, warm presence in Mission Dining Hall. She makes an effort to get to know students, greeting many of us by name, genuinely asking how we are doing and offering us encouragement during particularly stressful weeks. It is a pleasure to know her – and to share a name with her!” – Irene Loewenson

“Lisa Armstrong is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Working at Driscoll, I’ve seen firsthand just how wonderful she is: Her bright and upbeat attitude makes her a joy to be around.” – Nigel Jaffe

“I am always excited to see Mark LaPine’s kind and warm smile whenever I walk into Bernhard Music Center or Paresky, or when he is in the audience for a music performance in his free time. His care for students and Williams inspires me, and I am always heartened by his stories about his friends, family and love for Funkadelic. Mark, thank you for your compassion and positivity.” – Jeongyoon Han

“Dick Quinn shows incredible passion for his job and for Williams sports. Working for DQ as a Sports Information assistant, I have spent hours in his office listening to his stories about Ephs from years past. His care for his student employees is also heartening.” – Danny Jin

“Cyndi Haley in the Dean’s Office is not only a joy to work with on the Honor Committee, but more importantly, her encouragement, support and good humor make every trip to the Dean’s Office a day-brightening experience. Thank you!” – Nicholas Goldrosen

“Dave Chapman is the most understanding custodian out there. I have informally moved into my common room, bringing my maelstrom-level disorganization with me. Regardless of my habits, he always greets me warmly, and I respect him immensely!” – Lily Goldberg

“I want to give a huge shoutout to Whitmans’ own Ada Moreno. Every time I see Ada, she gives me a huge smile and a “Hi, honey!” from behind the counter. Even at times when the stress of school starts to take a toll, Ada’s presence is a reassuring constant every time I eat at Paresky for lunch. Even during the midday rush, she always takes the time to say hello and ask about my day or how my family’s doing. More students should take the time to do the same.” – Jane Petersen

“Deborah Morandi in the chemistry department is so lovely. She even makes picking up take-home exams happy – or at least not miserable!” – Brooke Horowitch

“Thank you to Rick Shand for making sure that East is so homey for all of us and for constantly battling the nasty ants!”– Haeon Yoon