Letter to the Editor: Spring cleaning

Dave Low

As one of many alums who have moved back to the Purple Valley years after graduating from the College, I appeal to all College students — but particularly to those who live “off campus” along various town streets.

We are so fortunate to live, work, and learn in a truly beautiful New England town, and as such, we share responsibility for keeping it that way.  I’m not so old to have forgotten the fun of weekend relaxation during the stressful college years, particularly when the weather allows for being outside. But it is discouraging to walk or drive along some of the town’s streets on weekend mornings and to witness detritus from porch and lawn parties the night before.

Whether you live “on” or “off” campus, please be responsible and respectful as fellow Williamstown residents. Clean up trash from your parties so that others don’t have to. Together, we can keep the Village Beautiful.

Thank you!

Dave Low ’69 is from Williamstown, Mass.