One in Two Thousand: Jane Gutchess ’25

Quinn Casey

Photo courtesy of Sophie Mahon.

Each week, the Record (using a script in R) randomly selects a student at the College for our One in Two Thousand feature, excluding current Record board members. This week, Jane Gutchess ’25 discussed the ski team, her unique studying method, and the upcoming Barbie movie. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Quinn Casey (QC): We met on the second day of our first year. Now, we’re going into our junior year. Tell me about your Williams experience so far. 

Jane Gutchess (JG): I love Williams and love being a part of the ski team. School is hard, but fun, and I love the balance of school, play, and life.

QC: You mentioned the ski team. When did you first start skiing?

JG: I first started racing probably when I was 12 or 13, but I probably started skiing when I was two. Then I went to high school at a ski academy, and the rest is history.  [Laughs.]

QC: Did you always plan to ski in college?

JG: I thought I wanted to ski in college, but I was planning on skiing [Div. III] at Brown. It was a big toss up. My soccer coach in high school actually was the one who was like, “You can’t ski DIII, you have to ski DI.” So, here I am. [Laughs.]

QC: Do you still enjoy playing soccer? Do you wish you played more often?

JG: I do really enjoy playing soccer. I’m not very good, so that kind of makes it challenging, but I do love playing with friends whenever possible.

QC: You recently celebrated your 21st birthday. What are you most looking forward to this year? 

JG: I’m most looking forward to going abroad to New Zealand and then coming back [to see] you, obviously. 

QC: [Laughs.] New Zealand! What inspired that choice?

JG: The first inspiration was skiing, obviously, as every decision throughout my entire life has been. [Laughs.] But I also think it’s a really cool, different place to go. Lots of outdoor activities [like] hiking and camping — I don’t know if I’ll do very well. [Laughs.]

QC: Do you have any fun summer plans before you go to New Zealand?

JG: Not any crazy summer plan. [I’m] going to be pumping gas at the marina [near] where I live and just getting some good time in the water and sun before heading down into winter in New Zealand. 

QC: Do you enjoy summer or winter more?

JG: I enjoy winter more, but I do need a couple of weeks of summer fun, I would say.

QC: We have to declare our major in the coming weeks. What do you plan to declare?

JG: Right now I’m planning on declaring the math major, though with my recent exam, [it’s] probably not very promising. [Laughs.] Also potentially a religion double major. We’ll see. I’ll declare the major, and if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, oh well.

QC: Cool. How’d you pick math and religion?

JG: I just ended up taking [many of those] classes. [Laughs.] I got stuck with it.

QC: You’re known for listening to the song “Flower” by Moby on repeat while studying. How did this study method start?

JG: This study method started — I don’t know if I want the whole world to know this [Laughs.] — because my brothers are really loud. My [house] is a pretty loud environment. I needed white noise, something to make it through while I was trying to do my schoolwork and everyone was living their lives, so it was my white noise, and it’s stuck ever since.

QC: So how long have you been using this as your study method?

JG: Since probably eighth grade. It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been in! [Laughs.]

QC: When did your “roller shoes” come into your life?

JG: I saw a TikTok for these [shoes with built-in wheels] during my senior year of high school in lockdown, actually. Then my grandma got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, so I was like, “Purchase!” [Laughs.]  Ever since then, I’ve been rocking them.

QC: Have you ever been recognized for your roller shoes?

JG: Yes. Normally once I get to know someone, they’re like, “Oh my god, I only knew you as the roller shoe girl from freshman fall! That’s so crazy!” 

QC: I heard you recently cried over a disappointing grade on an exam. What is your favorite sad song or movie to watch?

JG: I don’t really do sad stuff. I’m more of a “lift after” person.

QC: Like, lift? [Mimes lifting weights.]

JG: Yeah, like in the gym.

QC: So you like working out? How often do you workout?

JG: Yeah. At least once or twice a day with one off-day a week.

QC: [Laughs.] Okay, this is my favorite question. My mom often refers to you as, “Your friend that looks like Barbie.” What are your thoughts on Margot Robbie stealing your role in the upcoming Barbie movie?

JG: She should feel threatened. That’s for sure. [Laughs.]