Class of 2022 Prizes and Fellowships

1Based on a list provided by the dean’s office.


National fellowships:


Fulbright Grant 

for a year of study or research abroad in any discipline or teaching English

Emily M. Bleiberg, Jacob M. Eisner, Emily J. Marquis, Abigail C. Matheny,  Rebecca J. Park, Nicholas F. Servedio 


Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals 

for a year in Germany devoted to studying, interning, and living with hosts in a cultural immersion program. 

Kailyn N. Gibson  


National Science Foundation Fellowship 

awarded to outstanding college and university students for graduate study in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. 

Liza J. Jacoby 


Williams College Fellowships:


Allen Martin & Carrol A. Wilson Fellowship 

Alicia G. Smith Reina 


Allison Davis Research Fellowship 

awarded to students interested in pursuing PhDs to allow them to conduct research on campus. 

Nicole M. Alvarez, Kailyn N. Gibson,  Devon N. Parfait, María José Román,  Blain Solomon 


Class of 1945 Florence Chandler Fellowship 

for a year of travel abroad, which students dedicate to personal and intellectual development. 

Noah O. Hirsch Savage 

Stephen D. Willis 


Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship 

for two years of study at Emmanuel  College, Cambridge University. 

Jayalakshmi N. Alagar, Rebecca G.  Brody, Maya I. Huffman, Michelle P. P.  Laker, Kofi J. Lee-Berman, Connor P.  Middleton, Clare B. B. Rogowski,  Benjamin N. Weinstein, Isaac J. Wilkins 


Frederick Eugene Stratton 1871 Fellowship in Biology 

Nicole M. Alvarez 

Patrick R. Hodgson 


Horace F. Clark, 1833, Prize Fellowship 

awarded on the basis of superior scholarship, general ability, and interest in  scholarly research. 

Jason C. Meintjes 


Hubbard Hutchinson, Class of  1917, Memorial Fellowship 

for demonstrated exceptional talents in the creative arts. 

Nadiya L. Atkinson (Theatre), Noah R. Jacobson (Music), Joseph P. Messer (Art), Shalya J. S. Powell (Writing), Ashley Z. Xu (Dance) 


Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship 

awarded to African American,  Latino/a, or Native American students who show the academic potential and commitment to pursue PhDs. 

Armanis J. Fuentes, Reid T. Kurashige,  Shalya J.S. Powell, Kaylen D. Smith



Ruchman Student Fellowship 

for seniors who demonstrate a commitment to graduate study and intend to pursue a teaching career at the college level. 

Reid T. Kurashige (Philosophy) 

Lara Lee Meintjes (English) 




Arthur Judson Prize in Music 

Rebecca L. Kuo 

Max R. Thierry 

Matthew D. Williamson


Austrian Ministry of Education Teaching Assistantship 

Reid T. Kurashige 


Benjamin B. Wainwright, Class of 1920, Prize in English 

Shalya J. S. Powell 


Bruce Sanderson, Class of 1956,  Prize in Architecture 

Olivia R. White 


David Harris, Jr., Class of 1963,  Prize in Political Science 

Sarina S. Prasad 


Charles R. Alberti, Class of 1919, Award 

Rebecca J. Park 


Charles W. Hufford Book Prize 

Ana M. Strong Garcia


Chuzi-Ianniello Prize in Psychology 

Nigel M. Jaffe 


Class of 1925 Scholar-Athlete Award 

Elizabeth G. Welch 


Cultivating Community Award 

Argenis Herrera 


David A. Wells Prize in Political  Economy 

Aidan G. Lloyd-Tucker 


David N. Major, Class of 1981, Memorial Prize in Geosciences 

Lucia C. Wiggers 


Doris deKeyserlingk Prize in Russian 

Hannah C. Stone 


Dunbar Student Life Prizes 

Nadiya L. Atkinson, Noah Cohen-Greenberg, Kayla A. Gillman,  Irene B. Loewenson, Joseph P. Messer,  Noah O. Hirsch-Savage, Saud Afzal Shafi 


Environmental Studies Committee Award 

Lyza Berg 


Ernest Brown Africana Arts Prize 

Faith S. Rodriguez 


Ertegun Graduate Scholarship  Programme in the Humanities 

Emily Y. Chen 


Francis Sessions Hutchins, Class  of 1900, Memorial Fellowship  Prize 

Melvin C. Lewis

Nicholas F. Servedio 


Frederick C. Hagedorn, Jr., Class  of 1971, Premedical Prize 

Shreyas Rajesh 


Freeman Foote Prize in Geosciences 

Roman D. Ruiz 


Gaius C. Bolin, 1889, Prize in Africana Studies 

Adna A. Mohamed

Hannah N. Moore 


Garrett Wright DeVries, Class of  1932, Memorial Prize in Romance Languages 

Taylor McClennen 


Gilbert W. Gabriel, Class of 1912,  Memorial Prize in Theatre 

Abigail R. Murray-Stark 


Ganse Little, Jr. Prize in Religion

Mukund J. Nair 


Henry A. Dwight, Class of 1829, Botanical Prize 

Aaron I. Stanton 


Howard P. Stabler Prize in Physics 

Caroline D. Tally 


Jack Larned, Class of 1942,  International Management Prize 

Deven A. Desai

Mohammad Anisur Rahman Bali 


James F. Skinner Prize in Chemistry 

Sonya S. Lee 


James Lathrop Rice, Class of 1854,  Prize in Classical Languages 

Katherine M. Hatfield 


James Orton Award in Anthropology 

Charlotte G. V. Hanson 


Jean Donati Student Employee Award in Music 

Alyce Michelle M. E. A. Jamond 

Anna K. Leedy 


Jeffrey Owen Jones 1966 Fellowship in Journalism 

Mohazzab Abdullah 

John Sabin Adriance, Class of  1882, Prize in Chemistry 

Maya I. Huffman 


John W. Miller Prize in Philosophy 

Reid T. Kurashige 


Karl E. Weston, Class of 1896,  Prize for Distinction in Art 

Kailyn N. Gibson (Art History) 

Phillip J. Pyle (History & Practice) 

Javier A. Robelo Castillo (Art Studio) 


Kate Hogan 25th Anniversary of  Women in Athletics Award 

Rachel A. Neugart 


Kenneth L. Brown, Class of 1947,  Prize in American Studies 

Emma H. Tapscott 


Laszlo G. Versenyi Memorial Prize 

Isaac J. Wilkins 


Benjamin B. Wainwright, Class of 1920, Prize in English

Shalya J. S. Powell


Leverett Mears Prize in Chemistry

Matthew T. Long


Linen Senior Prize in Asian Studies 

Julia Chiang (Asian Studies), Naer Qin (Japanese), Thandi E. Steele (Chinese), Guo Hui Yang (Chinese) 


Linen Senior Thesis Prize in Asian Studies 

Hal Olson 


Louise J. Ober Theatre Award in Creativity 

Mackenzie D. Grace 


Morgan Prize in Mathematics 

Veronica R. Berger 


Muhammad Kenyatta, Class of  1966, Community Service Prize 

Bless K. Reece 


Nancy McIntire Prize in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

Hannah N. Moore 


Olga R. Beaver Memorial Prize in Mathematics 

Liza J. Jacoby 


Patricia Goldman-Rakic Prize in Neuroscience 

Victoria P. Saltz 


Purple Key Trophy 

Molly C. Craig, James I. Lovette, Robert D. Maimaron, Aidan P. Ryan 


Richard Krouse Prize in Political Science 

Rebecca E. Coyne 


Richard Lathers, Class of 1877, Essay Prize in Government 

Owen C. Foster (Essay) 

Elizabeth M. Sandoval Simán (Research) 


Robert C. L. Scott Prize for  Graduate Study in History 

Kaylen D. Smith


Robert F. Rosenburg Prize for  Excellence in Mathematics 

Benjamin M. Baily 

Olivia J. Straw


Robert F. Rosenburg Prize in Environmental Studies 

Shalya J. S. Powell 


Robert M. Kozelka Prize in Statistics 

Carter H. Melnick 


Robert W. Friedrichs Award in Sociology 

Nicky C. Wu 


Russell H. Bostert Thesis Prize in History 

Kaylen D. Smith 


Ruth Scott Sanford Memorial Prize in Theatre 

Nicolle Mac Williams 


Lane Faison, Jr. 1929 Prize 

Eva L. Dailey 

Polly H. Ellman 


Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Computer Science 

Madeline G. Burbage 


Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Mathematics 

Adam B. Dionne (Mathematics) 

Jihoon Kim (Mathematics) 

Thandi E. Steele (Statistics) 


Scheffey Award 

Quincy R. Powers 


Sentinels of the Republic Essay Prize in Government 

Kevin Zhang Yang 


Shirin Shakir, 2003, Prize in  Political Science 

Sonia F. Prasad 


Edward Gould Shumway, Class of 1871, Prize in English

Sofia E. Jones


Shirley Stanton Prize in Music 

Jacob M. Eisner 


Stanley R. Strauss, Class of 1935, Prize in English

Pauline Carla Cochran


Social Justice Advocate Award 

Gina Z. Al-Karablieh 


Sterling A. Brown, Class of 1922, Citizenship Prize 

Kaylen D. Smith


The Armando Vargas Prize in  Arabic Studies 

Imane Rharbi 


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of  1858, Essay Prize 

Jacob D. Rosenberg (Political Science), Kathryn B. Holbrooke (Art), JiHong Lee (Economics), Courtney A. Brown (Economics), William A. Kingham (History), Reid T. Kurashige (Philosophy), Jay Schroeter (Religion) 


The Chaplains’ Prize for Commitment to and Excellence in Inter-Faith Engagement and Service 

Jay Schroeter 


The Erastus C. Benedict, Class  of 1821, Prize 

Georgia L. McClain (Biology), Sofia M. Neaher (Biology), Gina Z. Al-Karablieh (French), Savion J. Rivers (French), Irfan Durmic (German), Irene B. Loewenson (History), Hal Olson (History) 


The Graves Prize for Delivery of Essay 

Argenis Herrera, Aliya D. P. Klein, Adna A. Mohamed, Faith S. Rodriguez, Natalie Grace Silver 


The James Bronson Conant and  Nathan Russell Harrington, Class  of 1893, Prize in Biology 

Rebecca G. Brody


The John E. Sawyer Prize in Transnational and Non-Western  History 

Hal Olson 


The Lawrence J. and Carolyn M.  Kaplan Prize for Dedication to and Leadership in the Williams College 

Melvin C. Lewis 


Arthur Kaufmann, Class of 1899, Prize in English

Elizabeth G. Welch


The Michael Davitt Bell Prize 

Lara Lee Meintjes 


The William Sloane Coffin Prize for Passionate Public Speaking 

Rebecca J. Park 


Tom Hardie, Class of 1978, Memorial Prize in Environmental Studies 

Abigail C. Matheny 


Tompkins Prize in Japanese 

Naer Qin


Ursula Prescott Essay Prize in Political Science 

Kofi J. Lee-Berman 


Marriott Canby, Class of 1891, Athletic Scholarship Prize

Reid T. Kurashige 


Willard E. Hoyt, Jr., Class of  1923, Scholar Athlete Award 

Paul O. Leclerc 


William Bradford Turner, Class  of 1914, Prize in History 

Emma H. Tapscott 


William C. Grant Jr. Prize in Biology 

Emily K. Lock 

Julia H. Pham 


William W. Kleinhandler Prize for Excellence in Music 

Shang-Hsuan Chung, Peter G. Duke, Olivia I. Graceffa, Anna K. Leedy, Thomas A. McGee, Izaki Metrophoulos, Hal Olson, Hemal Patel, Roman D. Ruiz, Preetul Sen, Caroline D. Tally, Dalton Yu 


Willis I. Milham Prize in Astronomy

Lauren V. Fossel 

Alicia G. Smith Reina 


Wyskiel Williams Math Award 

Eyobel A. Gebre 

Joseph M. C. LaRocca 

Heidi L. Leeds


If you see your name or prize listed incorrectly, please contact [email protected]