Class of 2021 Prizes and Fellowships


Based on a list provided by the dean’s office.




John Sabin Adriance, Class of 1882, Prize in Chemistry:

Wyndom Chace


Charles R. Alberti, Class of 1919, Award:

Matan Levine-Janach


Robert G. Barrow Memorial Prize for Music Composition:

Meredith Hough Deane


Olga R. Beaver Memorial Prize in Mathematics:

Kimberly Hadaway


The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in Biology:

Manting Xu (First Prize) and Erin Courville (Second Prize)


The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in French:

Lindsay Avant and Daniel Tran


The Erastus C. Benedict, Class of 1821, Prize in History:

William Abersek (First Prize) and Rebecca Tauber (Second Prize)


Gaius C. Bolin, 1889, Prize in Africana Studies:

Bret Hairston


Russell H. Bostert Thesis Prize in History:

Rebecca Tauber


Kenneth L. Brown, Class of 1947, Prize in American Studies:

Audrey Koh


Sterling A. Brown, Class of 1922, Citizenship Prize:

Shadae McClean


Marriott Canby, Class of 1891, Athletic Scholarship Prize:

Wyndom Chace


The Chaplains’ Prize for Commitment to and Excellence in Inter-Faith Engagement and Service:

Rosa Kirk-Davidoff and Shreyam Misra


Chuzi-Ianniello Prize in Psychology:

Matan Levine-Janach


Class of 1925 Scholar-Athlete Award:

Brianna Bourne and Gwyneth Maloy


The James Bronson Conant and Nathan Russell Harrington, Class of 1893, Prize in Biology:

Ben Maron


Cultivating Community Award:

Angel Ibarra


Robert Dalzell Thesis Prize in History:

Zoë Fisher and Emma Larson


Doris deKeyserlingk Prize in Russian:

Emma Larson


Dewey Prize:

Virginia Marr


Garrett Wright DeVries, Class of 1932, Memorial Prize in Romance Languages:

Morgan Nelson


Jean Donati Student Employee Award in Music:

Isabel Lane


Henry A. Dwight, Class of 1829, Botanical Prize:

Alexandra Grusky


Environmental Studies Committee Award:

Maya Spalding-Fecher


Ernest Brown Africana Arts Prize:

Quess Green


Lane Faison, Jr. 1929 Prize:

Thomas Eilertsen and Kaira Mediratta


The Nicholas P. Fersen Prize in Russian:

Damian Janda


Freeman Foote Prize in Geosciences:

Niku Darafshi


Robert W. Friedrichs Award in Sociology:

Chia-Tien Chen


Gilbert W. Gabriel, Class of 1912, Memorial Prize in Theatre:

Samori Etienne


Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Computer Science:

David Lee


Sam Goldberg Colloquium Prize in Mathematics:

Christopher Thomas (Math) and Samuel Wolf (Statistics)


Patricia Goldman-Rakic Prize in Neuroscience:

Andrea Orozco


William C. Grant Jr. Prize in Biology:

Emily Sun


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Art:

Asher Kolman


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Economics:

Adam Jones


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in History:

Meadhbh Ginnane and Sonia Nyarko


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Philosophy:

Zachary Schreier


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Political Science:

Sydney Jones


The Arthur B. Graves, Class of 1858, Essay Prize in Religion:

Soban Mehmood


The Graves Prize for Delivery of Essay:

Christian Alberga, Chris Avila, Ariane Grossmann, and Lance Ledet 


Frederick C. Hagedorn, Jr., Class of 1971, Premedical Prize:

Marya Rana


Tom Hardie, Class of 1978, Memorial Prize in Environmental Studies:

Rosa Kirk-Davidoff and Henry Newell


David Harris, Jr., Class of 1963, Prize in Political Science:

Kirstin Mapes


Kate Hogan 25th Anniversary of Women in Athletics Award:

Gabrielle Martin


Willard E. Hoyt, Jr., Class of 1923, Scholar Athlete Award:

Peter Fousek


Charles W. Hufford Book Prize:

John McGovern


Francis Sessions Hutchins, Class of 1900, Memorial Fellowship Prize:

Adam Jones and Onyekachukwu Obi


Arthur Judson Prize in Music:

Isabel Lane, Guanghao Yu, and Isaac van Aelstyn


The Lawrence J. and Carolyn M. Kaplan Prize for Dedication to and Leadership in the Williams College:

Molly Berenbaum


Arthur Kaufmann, Class of 1899, Prize in English:

Nelly Lin-Schweitzer


Muhammad Kenyatta, Class of 1966, Community Service Prize:

Halle Schweizer


William W. Kleinhandler Prize for Excellence in Music:

Zachary Babat, Jackson Corrigan, Sophia Jeongyoon Han, Christian Maloney, Ben Maron, Geoffrey Salmon, Andrew Thai


Robert M. Kozelka Prize in Statistics:

Faris Gulamali


Richard Krouse Prize in Political Science:

Mohammed Memfis and Alice Westerman


Richard Lathers, Class of 1877, Essay Prize in Government:

Jason Mazique (Essay) and Samuel Wolf (Research Paper)


Lawrence S. Graver Prize in Theatre:

Onyekachukwu Obi


Linen Senior Prize in Asian Studies:

Catherine Kao (Chinese), Raquel Livingston (Japanese), Germanie Louis (Asian Studies)


Linen Senior Thesis Prize in Asian Studies:

Andrew Rule


Ganse Little, Jr. Prize in Religion:

Seynabou Diop and Sydney Jones


David N. Major, Class of 1981, Memorial Prize in Geosciences:

Hayden Gillooly


Leverett Mears Prize in Chemistry:

Madelyn Hurwitz


Willis I. Milham Prize in Astronomy:

Amina Diop


John W. Miller Prize in Philosophy:

Joshua Reynolds


Morgan Prize in Mathematics:

Julia Tucher


Nancy McIntire Prize in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Skye An


Louise J. Ober Theatre Award in Creativity:

Young Wuk Jung


James Orton Award in Anthropology:

Fang Zheng Andre Hui


Frederick M. Peyser Prize in Painting:

Crystal Ma


Ursula Prescott Essay Prize in Political Science:

Hadiqa Faraz


Purple Key Trophy:

Arturo Kam Dryjansky and Laura Westphal


Robert Ikemori Quay ’04 Outing Club Memorial Fellowship:

Henry McGrew


James Lathrop Rice, Class of 1854, Prize in Classical Languages:

William Abersek and Jessica Thompson


Robert F. Rosenburg Prize in Environmental Studies:

Wyndom Chace


Robert F. Rosenburg Prize for Excellence in Mathematics:

John Emil Graf and Shinyu Huang


Bruce Sanderson, Class of 1956, Prize in Architecture:

Anna Bruce


Ruth Scott Sanford Memorial Prize in Theatre:

Tobias Delgado and Fiona Selmi


The John E. Sawyer Prize in Transnational and Non-Western History:

James FitzGerald


Scheffey Award:

Mohammed Memfis


Robert C. L. Scott Prize in History:

William Abersek


Sentinels of the Republic Essay Prize in Government:

Alice Westerman


Shirin Shakir, 2003, Prize in Political Science:

Elisar El-Gaouny


Edward Gould Shumway, Class of 1871, Prize in English:

Isabel Cushing


James F. Skinner Prize in Chemistry:

Andrew Hallward-Driemeier


Elizur Smith Rhetorical Prize:

Shreyam Misra


Social Justice Advocate Award:

Abigail Fournier and Sophia Jeongyoon Han


Howard P. Stabler Prize in Physics:

Paige Robichaud


Shirley Stanton Prize in Music:

Jared Berger


Stanley R. Strauss, Class of 1935, Prize in English:

Xiwen Wang


William Bradford Turner Citizenship Prize:

Gabrielle Martin


William Bradford Turner, Class of 1914, Prize in History:

Joseph Fox


A.V.W. Van Vechten, 1847, Prize for Extemporaneous Speaking:

Lance Ledet


Laszlo G. Versenyi Memorial Prize:

Patricia Fofie


Ward Prize for Best Project in Computer Science:

Samuel Gilman and Peter Zhao


David A. Wells Prize in Political Economy:

Hadiqa Faraz


Karl E. Weston, Class of 1896, Prize for Distinction in Art:

Meadhbh Ginnane (Art History), Ayite Kester Messan-Hilla (Studio Art), and Novera Rahman Momo (History and Studio)


Wyskiel Williams Math Award:

Spencer Brooks




Allison Davis Research Fellowship:

Skye An, Arselyne Chery, Jesus Estrada, Bret Hairston, Ivana Onubogu, Nicholas Patiño, and Anneliese Silveyra


Class of 1945 Florence Chandler Fellowship:

Beyond Jonathan Deng


Horace F. Clark, 1833, Prize Fellowship:

Skye An and Mae Erzini Vernoit


Dorothy H. Donovan Memorial Fellowship:

Dominic Madera and Virginia Marr


Fulbright Grant:

Catherine Kao, Germanie Louis, Matthew Peacock, and Daniel Tran


Hubbard Hutchinson, Class of 1917, Memorial Fellowship:

Jonathan Ahsing (Art), Rebecca Christainsen (Music), Amber Lee (Dance), John Murphy (Theater), Ananth Shashtri (Writing)


Jeffrey Owen Jones 1966 Fellowship in Journalism:

Sophia Jeongyoon Han


Charles Bridgen Lansing, 1829, Fellowship in Latin and Greek:

William Abersek and Jessica Thompson


Henry Luce Foundation Scholarship:

Jason Mazique


Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship:

Isaiah Blake, Franklin De La Cruz Gomez, Delsa Lopez,

 Alan Louis, and Tionne Townsend


John Edmund Moody, 1921, Fellowship:

Dominic Madera and Virginia Marr


National Science Foundation Fellowship:

John Emil Graf, Shinyu Huang, and Paige Robichaud


Schwarzman Scholarship:

Julius Dodson


Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship:

Erin Courville, James FitzGerald, Mohammed Memfis, Sonia Nyarko, and Marya Rana


Frederick Eugene Stratton 1871 Fellowship in Biology:

Kiersten Campbell and Ekaterina Khalizeva


Taiwan Ministry of Education Mandarin Scholarship:

Andrew Rule


Thomas J. Watson Fellowship:

Crystal Ma


Williams Teaching Fellowship, United College, Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Sophia Jeongyoon Han and Emily Sun


Ruchman Student Fellowship:

Nelly Lin-Schweitzer and Ivana Onubogu


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