Spring Street Blues

Campus Safety

Monday 11-16-20

9:34 a.m. Paresky: Officers responded to the mailroom to investigate a package that smelled like marijuana. Officers took the package and met with the student to whom it was addressed. After the student opened the package and confirmed that the contents included marijuana sent from a friend, Campus Safety and Security (CSS) confiscated the package and secured it in a locked evidence box.  

Tuesday 11-17-20

1:15 p.m. Morgan Hall: Officers responded to reports of a bat flying around the second floor. The bat, which did not make contact with anyone, was captured and released outside.

Saturday 11-21-20

1:38 a.m. Williams Hall: Officers responded to a report of a broken window and cleaned the glass off of the floor. Architectural Trades was called to address the issue.

Tuesday 11-24-20

12:37 a.m. Mission Park: Officers responded to a student experiencing an allergic reaction. They evaluated and assisted the student until Northern Berkshire Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived and transported the student to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) North.

12:11 p.m. Heating Plant Drive: Officers responded to  several posters that were pasted to the road. After investigating, they found that the postings were in violation of the College poster policy and  submitted a work order to have them removed.

Wednesday 11-25-20

9:10 a.m.: Officers responded to a faculty residence for a bat flying around the house. The bat, which did not make contact with anyone, was captured and released outside.

12:57 p.m. Weston Field: During a routine patrol, officers found a group of approximately 20 high-school-aged students playing football on the field. The group was informed that the athletic fields were closed for play and subsequently departed the area.

Sunday 11-29-20

10:42 p.m.: CSS received a call from a faculty member who requested a well-being check be performed on a student about whom they were concerned. Once it was confirmed that the student was no longer on campus, the local law enforcement agency where the student lives was contacted for assistance. That agency then made contact with the student and confirmed they were OK.  

Thursday 12-3-20

1:32 p.m. Paresky: A student reported their bike had been stolen from outside of Paresky. Officers completed a stolen article report and notified the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).  

Friday 12-4-20

7:39 a.m. Mission Park: Officers responded to a fire alarm that originated in Mission Dining. There, officers found that a detector had been activated by mist from a power washer and were able to dry out the detector and reset the system.

Tuesday 12-8-20

8:23 a.m. Garfield House: A truck accidentally backed into a light pole in the parking lot. The WPD and CSS arrived on the scene to document the damage, although there were no injuries. Electrical Trades responded to cap off the exposed wires. 

Saturday 12-19-20

3:06 a.m. Children’s Center: Officers responded to an intrusion alarm and found that the ceiling was leaking from melting snow, which had caused a ceiling tile to fall and set off the motion detector. Architectural Trades was called for assistance.

Monday 12-21-20

10:55 a.m. Thompson Chemistry Labs: Officers found a slow drip coming from the ceiling of the building, causing a ceiling tile to fall. They mopped up the water and cleaned the debris that had fallen on the floor. Mechanical Trades was called for assistance, and they determined that the leak was coming from the roof rather than a pipe. The appropriate people were informed.

Wednesday 12-23-20

12:42 p.m. Hoxsey Street: Officers responded to offer assistance to the Williamstown Fire Department (WFD) and WPD, who were dealing with a structure fire. Officers stood by in Brooks Lot for crowd and traffic control. The owner of the building informed officers that the students who lived there had left for winter break, so the building was empty. The owner had already informed the residents of the fire. The house suffered extensive damage. Northern Berkshire EMS also responded to the fire, and Safety and Environmental Compliance was advised of the situation.

Thursday 12-31-20

3:16 a.m. Chadbourne House: Officers responded to a fire alarm and found water leaking through a smoke detector in one of the bedrooms, which had caused the alarm to sound. They took down the detector and placed buckets under the leak. Architectural Trades was contacted to address the leak in the morning.

Saturday 1-2-21

9:52 a.m. Psychology Building: Officers responded to reports of a leak and found a.  steady stream of water coming into one of the offices. The office occupant stated that the water had slowed significantly, and there was no immediate concern. A work order was submitted for Architectural Trades to address the issue.

Tuesday 1-5-21

10:01 a.m. Bernhard Music Center: Officers responded  to a fire alarm as well as an employee reporting a smell of smoke.  The WFD was contacted for assistance but did not detect any fire in the building, though they found a steam leak in a mechanical room. Mechanical and Electrical Trades was contacted to correct the issue, and the building was cleared to open again. 

Thursday 1-7-21

3:45 p.m. Weston Field: Officers responded for a large group on the hockey field. They found approximately 15 high school students playing soccer. The students knew they were violating College policy and left the area.  

Friday 1-8-21

9:30 a.m. Jesup Hall: Officers responded for a bat that was caught under a bucket.  The bat did not make contact with anyone. It was transferred to a net and released outside.  

Wednesday 1-13-21

9:00 a.m. East College: CSS received a report from custodial staff regarding an odor of marijuana. Officers responded and found the room that was the source. They spoke with the student living there and explained the College policy regarding marijuana on campus.

Saturday 1-16-21

10:35 p.m. Fort Bradshaw: Officers responded to a door alarm and found a door that was closed but not latched. There were no fresh footprints in the snow. Officers checked the interior but did not find anyone, and they secured the door upon exiting.

Wednesday 1-20-21

3:14 p.m. Faculty Club: Officers responded to  a local audible alarm and found the alarm coming from the gas valve shutoff in the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, officers were informed of a smell of gas in the building, so they activated a pull station to clear the building.  The WFD and Berkshire Gas were contacted. After Berkshire Gas found pilot lights that would not light and were leaking gas, the gas to those pilot lights was shut off until repairs could be made. The building was cleared for use and reopened.  

Saturday 1-23-21

10:31 p.m.: While on a routine patrol, Officers found an activated red light at a College-owned house, caused by the temperature being below 50 degrees. Officers were unable to reset or restart the furnace, so Four Seasons Heating was contacted to assist in repairs.  

Sunday 1-24-21

4:47 a.m.: While on a routine patrol, Officers found an activated red light at a College-owned house. The temperature was below 50 degrees so the furnace had to be manually reset. Officers checked back later and found the furnace still running and heat rising.

2:35 p.m.: A student came to Hopkins Hall to report a bike stolen from outside of Fayerweather. The student declined to fill out a stolen article report at this time and wanted to look around for it more.

Tuesday 1-26-21

1:00 p.m.: CSS received notice that a student had used a personal drone to take pictures of campus without the proper permissions. The student was contacted and informed of the proper procedures and permissions needed to use a drone on campus. 

Friday 1-29-21

7:05 p.m. Thompson Hall: Officers responded to a report of someone smoking marijuana. Officers walked through the whole building but did not detect any odor of marijuana.

Saturday 1-30-21

5:41 p.m. St. Anthony Hall: Officers responded to a fire alarm in the building. They discovered that a pipe had burst in the dining room, causing the alarm, and were able to shut off the water. CSS called Mechanical Trades to address the broken pipe and custodians to clean up the water. Officers conducted regular checks of the building for the rest of the weekend.  

6:21 p.m. Bascom House: Officers responded to a fire alarm caused by a broken steam heater. A large amount of steam had filled the area and set off the alarm. Mechanical Trades was contacted to fix the heater, and the occupant of the office was notified of the leak.

Monday 2-1-21

7:46 a.m. Science Quad: Officers responded to a report of an inappropriate snowman. The snowman had been spray-painted with red paint to look like blood and had a cardboard hatchet in the head. Officers removed and disposed of the hatchet.