Word on the Quad: If you could elect anybody to CC who would it be?

Sabrine Brismeur and Sophia Shin

WOTQ 22 - Aniah Price.jpg
“Appa the flying bison from ‘Avatar the Last Airbender'”
Connor Middleton ’22
WOTQ 21 - Sabrine Brismeur.jpg
“Kene Odenigbo, my JA from last year.”
Kimberly Hadaway ’21
WOTQ 20 - Sophia Shin.JPG
“Zac Harleston does a great job looking out for members of our lacrosse team.”
Rock Stewart ’20
WOTQ 19 - Sophia Shin.JPG
“Kene or Kim Possible.”
Obeyaa Ofori Atta ’19