Graffiti of neo-Nazi group name found on light pole

Kaira Mediratta

The name of a neo-Nazi and white supremacist group was found written on a pole between Hollander Hall and Sawyer Library last weekend. Administrators say that the vandalism is being investigated as a possible bias incident, although the motivation behind it remains unknown. As of publication, Vice President for Campus Life Steve Klass said that Campus Safety and Security (CSS) had removed the writing from the pole.

As described in an all-campus email sent by Klass, Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom and Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes ’99, this event resembles a similar incident over Winter Study in which the group’s name was written several times on a white board in Thompson Hall.

“While we believe this latest discovery is making a reference to the same organization, at this time we can’t assert whether or not both actions were taken by the same person,” the email stated. It recognized, however, that Identity Evropa is a white supremacist organization that is known for trying to provoke reactions on college campuses via fliers, graffiti and other recruitment materials.  

Although similar to the last incident, the decision to issue a second all-campus notification affirms the serious nature of this occurrence. 

CSS is currently trying to identify the author of the graffiti; those with information about the incident may contact CSS at (413) 597-4444 or the office of institutional diversity and equity through that office’s online bias incident reporting tool.