Spencer Art Show, online

Sofie Jones and Rebecca Tauber

The end of each semester typically brings members of the College community to Spencer Studio Art Building to see work produced by students in studio art classes. This semester’s move to remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak bars the art show from occurring as usual, but the pandemic has not stopped student-artists from producing a wealth of work and a desire to share it. We put out a call to studio art students asking them to submit some of their work, and received over 60 pieces from a variety of different courses. 

This is a growing exhibition; if you took a studio art class this semester and would like your work to be featured, email photos of art you created in class to Sofie Jones (sej2) and Rebecca Tauber (ret5).

Here’s our attempt at creating the Spencer Art Show, online (cheese and crackers not included):

Eman Ali ’20

Louisa Belk ’20

Adam Bocker ’20

Rachel Buccalo ’23

AJ Chabot ’21

Ana Delgado Fernandez ’22

Nicki Delgado ’22

Annabelle Feist ’20

Justin Flynn ’23

Nicole Ford ’20

Max Fuld ’20

Erica Gibble ’20

Mackenzie Grace ’22

Dietrich Hartman ’20

Tai Henrichs ’23

Ginya Marr ’21

Marika Massey-Bierman ’22

Joseph Messer ’21

Annie Miklas ’22

Katie Nath ’23

Sofie Netteberg ’20

Sia Owens ’22

Juliana Pfeifer ’23

Amanda Reisman ’20

Jacob Rhode ’22

Lilia Robinowitz ’22

Audrey Rustad ’20

Eric Smith ’20

Hannah Stillman ’23

Lulu Whitmore ’23

Harry Wilcox ’23

All photos are courtesy of the artist.