Letter to the Editor

Nancy Macauley

Dear Williams students,

As I wander the campus, I have a sense of loss. I miss you, all of you. The buildings creak with sounds of emptiness. The soul of the campus has left, leaving a skeleton in waiting. The wildlife wander from empty trash cans and deer are getting bold discovering new territory. The local community walk the roads six feet apart deep in thought. The fields are brilliantly green and the daffodils are in full bloom with no one to pick them. There are no sounds of voices, just branches moaning as the wind blows through. The crossing buttons are silent. The Marketplace, The Cottage, and Goff’s on Spring Street appear abandoned, waiting for the next chapter. Ice cream cones are a memory.   

The CSS staff, dining and facilities continue every day on campus in this new normal. We are staying safe wearing masks and gloves, and on modified schedules to avoid transmitting to each other.  The campus is being nurtured and protected. We think of you every day knowing you have been jolted by this experience. Know we are here waiting for you to return.


Nancy J. Macauley

Campus Safety & Security