Box Office Hours: “Fantastic Fungi” with Katya King

Katya King, Director of Fellowships at the College, grew up foraging for mushrooms in what was then Czechoslovakia. The activity followed Katya’s familial lineage – her grandfather taught her mushroomer lessons, a skillset she practiced often as a child but lost touch with in the U.S. In South Hadley, MA., where King lives, she’s fostered a new relationship with mushrooms, one that’s encouraged her to reflect upon her past and grow her understanding of the expansive study of mushrooms. She now considers herself an amateur mycologist – an expert on mushrooms.

The Clark invites students to special opening of “Arabesque” exhibition

Last Friday, the Clark Art Institute held an exclusive student opening of its “Arabesque” exhibition. This opening demonstrated the strong connections between the Clark and the student body and underscored the unique relationship the two institutions have. The exhibition gave room for students to appreciate art outside of the campus, allowing for a coming together of students interested in art.

Professor Chris Gibson chosen as 12th president of Siena College

Professor of Leadership Studies Chris Gibson will become the 12th president of Siena College in Loudonville, N.Y., beginning his five-year term on July 1, 2020. Gibson, a veteran and former congressman, was appointed unanimously by the Siena board of trustees, Siena College announced on Feb. 14.

Graduate students at the College study economics and art history

VINCENT JIANG/THE WILLIAMS RECORDCDE students, who earn a master’s degree in a yearlong program, gather and mingle with each other before their intercultural performances. Economics and art history are popular majors at the College — economics is the most common major, and the “Williams Art Mafia” is so prominent that it sparked a New York Times article in 2004 — but the graduate programs in these subjects are not as well known among the undergrad population. 

The Center for Development Economics (CDE) lies on the western edge of campus, across from Wood House.

A look into the Learning Beyond the Classroom working group

Earlier this month, the College released the draft report of the Learning Beyond the Classroom working group, alongside 11 other draft reports from its strategic planning groups. The release of these working group draft reports represents the latest development in a process that began in September 2018 and is expected to have wide ranging effects on many facets of the College’s operations.

One in Two Thousand: Argenis Herrera ’22


Each week, we randomly select a unix from a list of all current students at the College. So long as the owner of the selected unix is on campus, willing to be interviewed and not a member of the Record board, that person becomes the subject of that week’s One in Two Thousand.

Renee’s Diner delights

DAVID SHAKIROV/THE WILLIAMS RECORDAt Renee’s, the corned beef hash was too much for a football player. Nestled among North Adams’ backroads behind Route 2, Renee’s Diner offers unpretentious breakfast staples in a snug dining room.