RASAN shapes first portion of Take Back the Night into protest

RASAN has changed the initial segment of its Take Back the Night event into a protest that supports sexual assault survivors and confronts rape culture, followed by an open mic session. SABRINE BRISMEUR/PHOTO EDITOR

Last Thursday, the Rape and Sexual Assault Network (RASAN) held its annual Take Back the Night event, “an international evening of solidarity and support for survivors of sexual assault and their supporters/allies,” according to RASAN’s email publicizing the event.

Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-15-19

11:52 a.m. Williams Hall: College staff member asked that an officer meet him on the fourth floor of Williams Hall concerning damage. A ceiling EXIT sign was ripped from the ceiling (exposing the wires) and is now missing.  When the sign was ripped down it also caused damage to the ceiling.  The bathroom in this hallway also had large amounts of dried vomit on the floor as well as in the sink and toilet.

Letter to the Editor

 To the editor: 

The Record’s editorial of April 17, 2019 (“On the need for affinity housing”) argues that Williams students should have more control over whom they live with. I agree.

Sartorial Observer: Benny Weng ’22

Benny Weng ’22 derives his eccentric fashion sense in part from his extensive experience with studio art. SABRINE BRISMEUR/PHOTO EDITOR

The presence of Benny Weng ’22 is like a calm and gentle breeze.

Word on the Quad: Pre-frosh edition

 What’s the most surprising thing about your Previews experience? 

“The creepy red exit signs in the common room.”-MADELINE OML 

“I didn’t expect the entry  to have funds to play  around with.”-LYDIA VON SCHWANENFLUEGEL 

“The tradition of having prefrosh sleep [in the common room].”-RYAN ROWE   

“Even though I had just  arrived, the students treated me as if I had known them for years.”-SAM MILO