Word on the Quad: Compliment each other!

Ethan Dinçer and Nicky Wu

On left: Iris Park ’21
On right: Ana Park ’22
“Ana is such a great dancer” – Iris
“Shut up!” – Ana
On left: Cynthia Masese ’23
On right: Emily Kondo ’23
“You’re an amazing friend who can anticipate my needs.” – Cynthia
“Your smiles are infectious.” – Emily
On left: Tania Calle ’20
On right: Carlos Cabrera-Lomelí ’20
“You finally unpacked your storage boxes after a month.” – Tania
“Tania, you smell funny.” – Carlos
On left: Abby Scott ’22
On right: Avivah Malin ’22
“Thank you for always taking a moment to slow me down.” – Abby
“You were one of my running idols in high school.” – Avivah