Campus Safety

From the files of Campus Safety and Security

Monday 9-23-19

5:32 p.m. Cal Ripken Baseball Field: Campus Safety and Security (CSS) responded to a report of a student being struck with a baseball during baseball practice. The student declined assistance from CSS and was driven to the emergency room by a teammate.

Wednesday 9-25-19

7:48 a.m. Morley Science Labs: A professor reported to CSS that several magnetic stir plates, worth $600, had been missing since the weekend of Sep. 13. CSS is currently investigating with the help of the chemistry department.

9:00 p.m. Campus-wide: CSS conducted its annual fall semester fire drills. Officers found numerous violations in students’ rooms, including candles, hotpots, coffee pots and marijuana paraphernalia. 

Thursday 9-26-19

11:00 p.m. Brooks House: CSS received a noise complaint of people yelling. Officers found a group of students talking and laughing between Brooks and Spencer. The officers informed the group of the complaint, and the students left the area.

Friday 9-27-19

1:49 a.m.: CSS officers responded to a student who was bleeding from the groin area, administered first aid and activated 911. After their wound was evaluated by EMTs, the student refused transport by ambulance and was brought to the BMC-North ER by CSS.

Saturday 9-28-19

12:06 a.m. Cole Field: CSS officers responded to a student having a panic attack. Officers were able to locate the student near the Cal Ripken baseball field. The student spoke with an on-call Integrative Wellbeing Services counselor, and CSS transported the student back to their dorm.

10:51 p.m. Currier Basement: CSS received a report of an older male looking into the windows of rooms.  All officers responded to the area. The man was spotted near Thompson Chapel, and CSS officers caught up to him on Hopkins Hall Drive. He denied looking into windows or being near Currier, but was very nervous. The man was identified and told to leave College property for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday 9-29-19

3:35 a.m. Lehman Hall: CSS received a report that two unidentified individuals had broken into Lehman Hall; a student witnessed them and they subsequently ran toward Schapiro Hall. CSS officers found three damaged window screens and a broken storm window, but were unable to locate the intruders. The Williamstown Police Department also spoke with the student witness and conducted extra patrols of the area. CSS contacted architectural trades to assist in removing the screens and repairing the window.

7:44 a.m. Cole Field House: A custodian reported a broken window in the visiting team’s locker room which appeared to be an accident. CSS officers cleaned up the broken glass, and architectural trades responded to repair the window.