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Dennis Kuo ’93 and Kathrine Kuo ’93

February 10, 2021

The circumstances of their first meeting are a point of contention for Dennis and Kathrine Kuo. “Allegedly, we met at a Combo Za concert,” she said. “And I say allegedly because I don’t remember it happening.”

Dennis Kuo continues to insist that he and his wife first met at a concert in their first year. Despite living on the opposite sides of Frosh Quad, she knew people in his entry, and they all happened to be attending the concert together.

Their next (and first, according to Kathrine Kuo) meeting wasn’t until a year later, at the start of sophomore year when they were drawing lots to determine room assignments in Prospect Hall. If someone chose a suite, they had the option of pulling other people into the various rooms of the suite. 

Dennis Kuo just so happened to draw number two. 

“I can’t explain this except to say that I have no shame whatsoever,” Kathrine Kuo said. And it was that shamelessness that let her and her friend walk up to Dennis Kuo and beg him, a virtual stranger, to pull them into his suite. 

“So my reasoning was, ‘At the very least, I’d probably get pretty decent neighbors,’” Dennis Kuo said.

“Yes,” his now-wife laughed. “‘Dear Diary, today, I pulled my future wife up into my suite.’”

Their relationship developed organically, and by junior year they came to the conclusion that it was more than a standard friendship. Despite the new dimension to their relationship, they said that it was the simple act of being together that made them happiest.

“In college, I remember actually just sitting and studying in the same room, and just being very content in that,” Kathrine Kuo said. “And I think that’s probably pretty emblematic of us in general.”

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