The Record’s suggested action items supporting Black Lives Matter

While there are many larger organizations doing great work right now, the Record compiled a list of smaller grassroots and decentralized organizations that would benefit most from donations at this time.



National Association of Black Journalists – the largest organization of journalists of color, providing programs, services, grants, events, mentorship, and advocacy

Unicorn Riot – A decentralized media organization that has been live-streaming uprisings and leading the coverage of protests

Futuro Media Group – creates diverse multimedia content in the service of empowering people to understand and navigate the complexities and misinformation in modern news

Ida B. Wells Society – increasing and retaining reporters and editors of color in the field of investigative reporting

The Marshall Project – a nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization that seeks to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system


Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective – a collective of advocates, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, lawyers, religious leaders, teachers, psychologists and activists committed to the emotional/mental health and healing of Black communities

National Black Disability Coalition – the nation’s organization for all Black disabled people.  Membership and partners include Black disabled organizations, disabled people, parents, family members, faith-based, non-profits, and academic and policy leaders

United Negro College Fund – increases the total annual number of African American college graduates by focusing on activities that ensure more students are college-ready, enroll in college and persist to graduation

Showing Up For Racial Justice – a national network of groups and individuals working to undermine white supremacy and to work toward racial justice through community organizing, mobilizing, and education

Sisters Unchained – a prison abolitionist organization dedicated to building community and power with young women affected by parental incarceration through radical education, healing, art, sisterhood and activism

Black & Pink – abolition to dismantle the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQIA2S+ people/people living with HIV/AIDS who are affected by that system, through advocacy, support, and organizing

Marsha P Johnson Institute – an organization that protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people by organizing, advocating, creating an intentional community to heal, developing transformative leadership and promoting collective power

Black Feminist Project – funding radical programming that restores agency to the most marginalized of us, centers our narratives, promotes safety, empowers us to put ourselves FIRST, and enriches the lives of our children in our community with compassion, integrity, and joy!

Know Your Rights Camp, an initiative founded by Colin Kaepernick to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders

The Bail Project, a critical tool to prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system

Bail Funds/Legal Help by City

Resistance Funds by State


Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha – CTUL is a worker-led organization where workers organize, educate and empower each other to fight for a voice in their workplaces and in their communities.

Women for Political Change – Holistically investing in the leadership and political power of young women and trans & non-binary individuals throughout Minnesota.

Northside business support – support businesses on Minneapolis’s Northside that have been impacted by recent demonstrations.

Pimento Relief Fund – We’re partnering with Pimento to provide black business without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests. 


Defund 12 – Contact info for government officials and council members by location to reallocate egregious police budgets towards education, social services, and dismantling racial inequality

Master list of petitions/events/etc

Resources to support Black communities

Text FLOYD to 55156 or go here to demand all officers involved in Floyd’s death are charged with his murder

Text ENOUGH to 55156 or go here to demand justice for Breonna Taylor

Text JUSTICE to 55156 and 668366 to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Text RESIST to 50409 to write to local officials demanding change

Sign this petition to demand a ban on law enforcement officials who have committed racially motivated acts of violence 


Anti-racism resources for white people

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

What to Do Instead of Calling the Cops

Reading recommendations by Williams staff

125 Black-Owned Business to Support