Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-29-19

3:25 p.m. Horn Hall: Officers responded to Horn Hall for a report of a bias incident concerning words written on a whiteboard. Officers documented the incident and notified college officials. 

Wednesday 5-1-19

5:58 a.m. Kellogg House: Officers responded to a complaint of some writing of concern on one of the blackboards.

Mandel writes on inclusion

On May 3, President Maud Mandel sent an all-campus email, “Our past, current and future work for an inclusive Williams,” detailing ongoing and future initiatives for inclusion at the College. This email came two weeks after the Coalition Against Racist Education Now (CARE Now) sent an open letter to Mandel with 12 demands regarding equity and inclusion on campus.

Students raise money to buy books for local schools

Joseph Wilson ’19 reads to the pre-K class at Brayton Elementary School in North Adams. PHOTO COURTESY OF MOLLY POLK. Although the world beyond campus can sometimes feel distant from the Purple Bubble, some Ephs prioritize turning the unique resources available to students at the College into tangible services for the greater community.

Waubeeka Golf Links’ Tavern on 7 is par for the course

The Tavern on 7’s signature Mad Dog relish was tasty, as were many of the other classic menu items. NICHOLAS GOLDROSEN/MANAGING EDITOR. Upon our arrival at Tavern on 7, the restaurant at Waubeeka Golf Links, we were greeted by a stunning panorama of the Purple Valley and rolling hills.

Refuting claims of institutional violence: Analyzing evidence of racism at the College

 As President Mandel wrote in a recent letter, “ … we have a problem at Williams.” What I see is indeed problematic, for some groups have been claiming that violent practices of racism occur daily at our school. Two lines of evidence are given to support this claim: an article published on The Feminist Wire and a 2009 faculty report on retention of faculty of color.

Frank Doelger ’75: from Williamstown to Westeros

Frank Doelger ’75, the executive producer of Game of Thrones, studied English at the College and participated in theatre at Oxford. Photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Frank Doelger ’75, executive producer of Game of Thrones, John Adams and Rome, visited the College on Thursday to discuss his path to film and television.

eva henderson talks tattoo art

eva henderson ’19, whose hand tattoo art is shown above, works in a variety of art mediums at the College. Photo courtesy of eva henderson.

Lynn Melchiori of OIT gets creative with Crayola

Lynn Melchiori has authored and illustrated multiple children’s books, including The Adventures of Mimi the Artist. Photo Courtesy of Lynn Melchiori

The atmosphere of the dimly-lit office of Lynn Melchiori, staff member at the Faculty/Staff Support Desk for OIT, does not do its occupant any justice; while the room is dark, she is bright, and while the room is still, she is burning with passion.