Restoring campus trust: Working toward a better student-CSS relationship

Recent campus events and activism have highlighted a history of fraught relations between Campus Safety and Security (CSS) and minoritized students, particularly Black and Brown students, at the College. Students have recounted experiences of bias and racism with CSS officers, while CSS officers report an erosion of trust with students.

A closer look at departures of College faculty of color

An increased number of faculty of color are going on temporary leave or departing from the College this year compared to recent years. These faculty cite multiple reasons for leaving, ranging from professional to personal to cultural concerns. 

These departures come at a moment in which the struggles of students, faculty and staff of color have occupied a key role in recent campus protests, events and discussions.

Campus approval ratings

Data was compiled from a survey the Record sent out to College students. Among the students receiving the survey, 188 students responded, representing a 38 percent response rate.

WIFI continues to operate after CC setback

In the aftermath of College Council’s (CC) April 23 vote to reject Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI) as a registered student organization (RSO), a decision that came under scrutiny from both President Maud Mandel and national media, members of the club are committed to continuing to operate as a student group. Molly Berenbaum ’21, founder and interim president of WIFI, said the club has worked with faculty advisor Rabbi Seth Wax, Mandel and other faculty and administrators to discuss how WIFI could exist, operate and gain funding on campus without being an RSO.